What are the best acne treatments?


Acne is a skin condition caused by an infection of the propionibacterium in sebaceous glands - glands usually found in hair-covered areas such as on the face and upper body. An increased risk of infection can develop when pores become blocked and rupture from within, creating inflammation.

We tend to associate acne with teenagers and while most cases of acne are related to teenage hormonal changes, the skin condition is also prevalent among adults. Adult acne can be carried on from teen years and can occur in relation to menstrual periods, pregnancy, birth control pills, food intolerance, certain prescription medications, pollution and stress.

What can help acne?

Prescription medications can be effective at treating acne, but who wants to take a drug whose long string of side effects are far worse than the condition it is treating? Is there an alternative? Absolutely, and the best news is that it's not only easy and effective; it's also 100% safe and side effect-free.

Scientific studies show that certain vitamins and minerals have a beneficial effect on acne, particularly on non-cystic acne. These nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, zinc, selenium and chromium. Combined, the vitamins and minerals resulted in a 50% reduction in non-cystic acne lesions. Scientists found that zinc can be as effective as antibiotics at treating acne and vitamin B6 reduced acne flare-ups prior to menstruation.