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What are the best sources to use for research and why?


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Books, you know that someone didn't hack, or change a book. Books give you the information on a topic without all the unneeded, edited, altered info you may find on a website. Sure, they are a bit more tedious to use, but they are far more trustworthy than anything on the Internet Because books, obviously written by a person having a slight alter from what may have really happened, and such, but you get closer to the fact than you would with a website. Because a website is another edit, a knock off of a book at times. With the opinions of another person added to the equation.

Searching the web you obviously, you have your search engines, such as Google, yahoo,, and the others like them. Me, out of those three that I named, I like yahoo, they don't give you the adds and crap like does, and I have never been a fan of Google.

I also like Wikipedia....but.....people don't like using it, because you can "go in and edit what ever you want" but that really isn't true. It will either pull up a secondary page of the same topic, or it will not allow you to edit the page.

Sites with a ".com" the "com" stands for commercial and are sites that I wouldn't trust for a research paper or anything. You can trust more ".org" or ".net", ".gov" sites. I believe "org" is "organization", "net" is "network" and "gov" is "governmental".

If you search something on wiki, and in the bibliography page if they have sites posted, I would search those. Because then you get your information straight from the document.