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The "Big Six" European Union countries are:

Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Poland

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Q: What are the big six countries competing in Europe?
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How many countries in Asian continent?

There are 48 countries in Asia, of which six are shared with Europe.

How many countries are there in all the continents?

Africa - 55 countries Europe - 51 countries Asia - 48 countries North America - 23 countries Oceania - 14 countries South America - 12 countries These are the sovereign countries of the world. The continents of Europe and Asia share six countries.

Which European countries have six letters in their names?

European countries with six-letter names include Latvia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Kosovo, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Russia (partly in Europe), Serbia, Sweden and Turkey (a very small part in Europe).

What are the six smallest countries in Europe?

Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Luxembourg.

Six tiny countries in Europe?

Vatican City. San Marino. Malta. Liechtenstein. Monaco. Andorra.

How many countries in Europe are bigger than Germany?

Six: Russia, France, the Ukraine, Spain, Sweden, and Norway.

Name all countries in Europe and Africa crossed by the greenwich meridian?

There are three countries in Europe that the Prime Meridian, or Greenwich Meridian, cross through. They are the United Kingdom, France, and Spain. It also passes through six countries in Africa. These countries are Algeria, Mali, Burkina, Faso, Tongo and Ghana.

Can SkyNews UK be viewed in other countries?

Yes, SkyNews UK can be viewed in other countries besides the UK. Thirty six countries in Europe alone view Sky NewsUK, along with Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, as well.

What are the six Balkan countries in Europe?

Greece Turkey Bulgaria Macedonia Kosovo Albania Montenegro Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia 10 countries make up the Balkans

Which six countries excluding Europe have their own launch vehicles and launch sites in order to send satellites spacecrafts into space?

According to wikipedia, the countries that are launch capable outside of Europe are: USA, China, India, Japan, Israel, Brazil, and Iran.

What countries in Europe have six letters in their names?

Bosnia, France, England, Greece, Latvia, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Serbia, and Sweden

What are the six countries in north America?

what are the six countries from north america

In the first modern Olympics how many athletes did Australia have competing?

two billion and six million two billion and six million

Which five continents are competing in the olympic games?

There are six continents actually: * Australia * Asia * North America * South America * Europe * Africa North America and South America are considered one continent called the Americas.

What sea has six countries surronding it?

The Mediterranean Sea has six countries touching its shore.

How many pages does The Big Six have?

The Big Six has 368 pages.

How many countries are there in SARRC?

six countries

What is six physical features of Europe?

there are six main ones

When did Belgium join Europe?

Europe is a continent and Belgium has always been part of it. There is an organisation called the European Union, which was originally called the European Economic Community. It was founded in 1957 by six countries, one of which was Belgium.

Number of countries in each continent?

Africa - 55 Antarctica - 0 (7 countries hold territories) Asia - 48 Australia & Oceania - 14 Europe - 51 North America - 23 South America - 12 Europe and Asia share six nations, so in reality, there are only 93 countries between the two continents.

What is the currency of Europe called?

Europe is not unified with a single currency. The Euro is the currency of the European Union, and is usually incorrectly associated with Europe as a whole. Eighteen out of twenty-eight EU members, on top of six non-members, currently use the Euro. Most countries in Europe use their own currencies.

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What is the ISBN of The Big Six?

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What is the 6th largest continent?

Europe ranks number six in area. Europe

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