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What are the causes of imperialism in Africa?

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September 13, 2011 8:00PM

And another answer

The was a significant amount of greed on the part of Europeans who came to Africa. Their whole attitude was conquer, conquer, conquer! And through conquering those peoples of Africa and setting up Imperial strongholds, they could become wealthy. The idea that they were there to convert those savages to Christianity is itself backwards. Particularly, because those who preached did not practice what they preached. This is why Africa is in shambles today.


The desire to spread Christian values as a means of saving a "backwards" society.

Another Other Answer

Africa is shambled today because people were taking what wasnt there's in the first place.. but don't forget that America was also a crime in with making Africa crumble. if i remember correctly it was the white people who enslaved africans to make them slaves.. that's why Africa is messed up and that's why it will still be messed up for a long long time