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What are the climate zones in the US?

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temperate climate zone

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Does US have 3 climate zones?


What are the vertical climate zones in the US?


What are the different climate zones in the US and Canada?

So many they are not easy to list. You are talking about most of the North American continent and climate zones can vary with in cities.

How does climate zones affect the earth?

Climate zones affect the earth by, making us have ice ages, rainy days, and change the way we live and eat!

Which state has five climate zones can you name the climate zones?

It is California, and the climate zones are Mediterranean, Marine, Highland , Desert , And Semiarid.

What climate do limes grow best in?

Zones 9-11 in the US

What causes the climate zones in the US?

because our country is so large

What climate regions do the US and Canada share?

The US and Canada both have Humid continental, semiarid, highland and marine climate zones.

How many climate zones does Hawaii have?

hawaii has three climate zones

The climate zones closest to the equator are what climate zones?

tropical zone

What are Climate zones separated by?

Climate zones separated by Latitude lines. :)

What climate zones exist in California?

California has a Mediterranean type climate. There are 5 main zones. The climate zones that exist in California are the Coastal Climate, the Desert Climate, and the Foothill Climate. It also has a Mountain Climate and a Valley Climate.

What is the order of climate zones?

the type of climate zones are tempature,polar,and tropical

What zones will have the climate with the lowest temperatures?

High latitude zones will have the climate with the lowest temperatures. High latitudes are home to climate zones such as the tundra and the taiga.

Climate zones of the US?

the climate zones of the united states are Marine, Highland, Mediterranean, Steppe Dessert, CONTINENTALtemperature. Humid Subtropical, Mild winters, Tropical, Tundra, and Subarctic

How does the variety of vegetation zones affect the economies of the US and Canada?

it affects by the climate

In what climate zone is the us?

The three major climate zones on the Earth are the polar, temperate, and tropical zones. Temperatures in these three climate zones are determined mainly by the location, or latitude, of the zone. polar- has the coldest with temperatures almost always below freezing. The Mainland US is temperate, Most of Hawaii is tropical, and Northern Alaska is polar.

What are two major climate regions of south America?

Dry Climate zones and Mid-latitude climate zones.

How many climate zones are in the Andes Mountains?

There are 4 climate zones in the Andes Mountains.

Why do highland climate zones contain more than one climate?

why do highland climate zones contain more than one climate

Describe earths three main climate zones?

Earth has three main climate zones. These climate zones are the polar zone, the tropical zone, and the temperate zone.

How does latitude relate to climate zones?

Latitude relates to climate zones in one way. The climate zone determines the latitude.

Which state of the US has more than five climate zones within its borders?


How does the variety of vegetation zones affect the economies of the US and Canada Why?

It i because of the weather and climate

What are the three climate zones in europe?

Mediterranean, Maritime, and Subarctic are three climate zones in Europe.