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What are the codes to get the radio unlocked on a 1991 Lumina?


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2005-01-15 10:28:54
2005-01-15 10:28:54

There are no general codes. Look at the serial number, call the dealer and they can tell you - after you ID yourself properly.


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how to add coolant to 1991 lumina?

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If you do not have the Radio Manual with the proper code number, then you need to contact a dealer with the VIN. Provided the radio has not been changed they should be able to give you the codes.

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You can locate the radio code, for your 1991 Volvo, by consulting your owners manual. The owners manual should have all of the vehicle codes.

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Ask someone who knows about a 1991 Lumina 3.1 Euro or 'google' it!

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The 1991 Chevy Lumina is fuel injected and has no carburetor.

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