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In some states it is a crime to concele mortgaged property. You can go to jail for up to a year if convicted. The finance company must want to persue this first.

My opinion? Give it up and don't get involved. He didnt pay and has no right to keep it.

You signed as "a good friend", so think about what a friend will do to help a friend. By hiding the car, you are COSTING your friend money in late charges, interest, and more fees for the repo co. to hunt it. That's MO money s/he has to pay to get the car back when its repoed. Why not HELP your friend find a JOB so they can pay the notes and get to use the car instead of hiding it?? Wouldnt that be more helpful? Just my $0.02

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Q: What are the consequences for you if a car that is going to be repossessed is inside your garage but is not your car?
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