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What are the differences between WikiAnswers and Yahoo Answers?

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Difference between WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers:

Technically, the key difference is that this is a wiki where questions and answers can be improved over time. The community does more than just ask and answer questions. We grow the Q&A into FAQs which become useful for many people - not just the one person asking the original question.

Here is a personal answer from Deb: I'm glad someone asked this question because I'll be happy to tell what the differences are! One difference is that here on FAQ Farm, it's like a community: Everyone contributes by editing the questions and editing and adding to answers. Yahoo answers, from my limited experience, is nothing more than a board on which to ask a question.

Another difference is that here on FAQFarm, though our goal is to have one complete answer, we allow our Farmers to post as many answers as they like as long as they are still adding something to the answer. On Yahoo Answers, one person asks a question and it appears after getting three answers, the question is closed. If the information in the answers on FAQFarm is incorrect, someone can come behind the person and correct the answer. On Yahoo Answers, three individuals get to answer the question and if the information is incorrect, it stays incorrect. To me, while FAQ Farm is personal and fun, Yahoo Answers is impersonal and not much fun at all.

Aggie80 adds: Yahoo Answers is a competition, individuals attempting to answer to earn points. While one does sometimes get a good answer, they can be end up invisible due to voting and opinions. The 'Best Answer' gets highlighted and any good parts of other answers are neglected. No attempt is made to combine the knowledge of several individuals into a solid answer. And there is no self editing, anything that is posted is there for all to see, good or bad, and in some cases, even dangerous.

There are many differences but the main difference is that, on Yahoo Answers, many users can individually answer a question; but, on Wiki Answers, there can be only one answer, and the users can improve it. Yahoo Answers has a points-and- levels system. However, on Wiki Answers, a user's contributions are counted, and the user receives badges according to his/her contributions. Also, other users may confer trust points, which indicate the user's reputation and length of membership and on Wiki Answers.

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Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

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As of 2009, no, Yahoo Answers still has more traffic. However, WikiAnswers has been steadily gaining.

Do you use AnswerBag as well as WikiAnswers?

I do not use Answerbag in addition to WikiAnswers. Answerbag is much like Yahoo! Answers, and has the same quality flaws as Yahoo! Answers. The answers are as-is, while WikiAnswers has an answer being worked on by hundreds of contributors until the answer is perfect.

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Yahoo! Answers was released to the public in December 2005. A site called FAQFarm was founded in 2002. This FAQFarm eventually evolved into WikiAnswers, so WikiAnswers is technically older than Yahoo! Answers.

Do you use Yahoo Answers as well as WikiAnswers?

Yes. I do. At least two of us do. I also use Answerbag. Answer Wikianswers is way better, I never use yahoo cuz u have to sign up for it. ---- Wiki Answers rules! Yahoo Answers sucks! I use yahoo answers more cos it's easier to navigate there. it is user friendlier.

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Jody likes to imply in her answers on Wikianswers, that Yahoo Answers is much worse than WikiAnswers.

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Not yet - Yahoo Answers is still bigger, but WikiAnswers is catching up.

Were you can find an open forum so you can ask a question that isn't yahoo answers?

You can ask a question here on WikiAnswers - we aren't Yahoo! Answers.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers complement the nice question bar with a 'Yahoo Answers' style layout?

(Yahoo Answers displays more than one answer and the contributor of each answer.) WikiAnswers is NOT Yahoo Answers, they are two completely different sites with different aims and reliability. Yahoo Answers is mainly a community site to air varying input on a range of topics, not provide the direct and specific answer to a question. For opinion answers, there are many sites. For factual or experience-derived answers, there are comparatively few with the scope of WikiAnswers.

Why has WikiAnswers not employed the same complex scoring techniques as Yahoo and Amazon?

Quite simply, WikiAnswers does not want to follow Yahoo! Answers, or any other Q&A website.

Which is better this site or yahoo?

Yahoo is a web portal containing links to more topics, e-mail, web search, news, web pages, answers, etc.. WikiAnswers is only designed to handle answers, but is better designed, and less ad cluttered. It is subjective. WikiAnswers is probably better than Yahoo Answers; Yahoo as a whole is more useful.

How do you understand your employment rights?

You go on yahoo answers because wikianswers is rubbish

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Take a look at Yahoo! Answers, by comparison, we are fantastic!

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