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What are the disadvantages of Transportation?


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The disadvantage of transportation is that it is very costly in instances whereby distance and the worth of the goods plays a factor.


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the disadvantages of computer in transportation is wala

One of the disadvantages of pipeline transportation is that when the pipe breaks, the surrounding land will be polluted.

The disadvantages of land transportation are so many. The main disadvantages include noise and air pollution through the combustion process.

It takes long and you get sea sick!

Air transportation may cause air pollution and lower chance of surviving when it crash.

many people lose their lifes forever......

advantages: 1. convenience 2. economical 3. environmentally friendly disadvantages: 1. inconvenience 2. high government spending expense 3. uncomfortable environment on public transportation

One disadvantage of railway transportation is that is not really for short distances. Another disadvantage is the train is not made to haul fragile items.

Not Cost effective.....only viable for expansive commodities but not voluminious

it is confined to a limited ar less safety

transport and communication only five point of advantages

The biggest disadvantage is:air pollutionbecause of all the smoke.

the is a high cost of transportationthe is product compitition in the war market

Air pollution, waiting in airports, sitting next to a smelly person

Advantages are that there is more employment, less failure with global economy and less transportation costs. Disadvantages are that there are unemployment internationally, and higher prices.

transportation of goods sometimes take more time than road &air transport,

1.we may lose our goods . takes lots of time for transportation.

An obviously prominent concept of which boats present, is that they are of a slower means of transportation than other methods.

more expensive, not all the money goes to the producers e.g transport, pollution will be caused in the transportation of the products.

Hot air balloons are a slower form of transportation. For most people, they are beautiful to see when they are in the air.

Pros: Fast transportation Keeps you out of the weather Attract the ladies Cons: Gas is expensive Polution Constant maintnance

Advantages: living in the white house, quick transportation (private jet), protection (the secret service), salary ($400,000), fame, health care, lifetime pension Disadvantages: no privacy, no free time, stress!

The advantages are that it anables the Romans to have food like fish and to have water to drink. The disadvantages are that it is harder for the Romans to travel across >Actually, the Tiber River was used for transportation to trade. So that isn't technically true.

Some advantages of water transportation include cheap cost, high load capacity and no special infrastructure needed. Some disadvantages include the speed is slow, special maintenance is needed and sufficient water needs to be available.

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