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Marriage laws are reciprocal between the US and Great Britain. Marriages performed in one are honored in the other, as are divorces granted.

If all you want is a divorce, that is uncomplicated and can be accomplished at home. Most such divorces are uncontested by the other party, as such marriages do tend to be irretrievably broken. Often the spouse fails to respond, and the divorce is granted by default.

The complications arise in the matter of division of property, alimony and child support. If you want to secure support or property, it would be best to file in the country where the spouse and property are located, as divorce settlements are not necessarily reciprocal, i.e., there may be no practical way to enforce them.

These issues can get extremely complicated if you have an uncooperative spouse, especially if children are involved. A good attorney would be a must if there are encumberances.

2009-02-11 19:44:06
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