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What are the ideals and policies of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation?


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January 20, 2008 2:12AM

In 1932, various farmer, labour and socialist parties of Canada's western provinces joined to create Canada's first national socialist movement the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, the CCF. Much of the ideology of the CCF was centered around Social Democracy. At it's first convention, the CCF adopted the Regina Manifesto, which vowed to fight capitalism and implement socialist values like public health care, communications and energy sectors. In 1956, amidst the Cold War's anti-communist sentiment, the Regina Manifesto was replaced with the Winnipeg Declaration, or Winnipeg Manifesto, which promoted Keynesian economics, a mix of both socialist and capitalist values. In 1961 the CCF joined labour unions, notably the Canadian Labour Congress, and created the New Democratic Party. Like the CCF, the newly formed NDP was led by Tommy Douglas the father of Canada's Health care system.