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cancer The long term affects of using substitue sugar can cause cancer.Answer Generally, sugar substitutes have been shown to be safe in moderation. Whether they actually promote weight loss is questionable- one study followed subjects who either switched to Diet Soda or remained drinking the caloric version. After a year, no difference was observed in the subject's weights, despite the fact that the diet soda group would have been consuming fewer calories. The author's suggested that subjects compensated and would choose high fat foods and other high calorie foods to compensate for the lack of calories in the soda. So yes, if you were to replace all sugar with Splenda in your diet, eat the same foods and maintain the same level of activity, you would lose calories. But chances are you'd end up eating more elsewhere and not see any change.

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Q: What are the long term effects on the body when you constantly intake splenda and other sugar substitutes on a daily basis?
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