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* Cape Fold Mountains * Drakensburg Mountains * Free State Plateau * Ghapp Plateau

* Magaliesberg * Marion Island * Prince Edward Island ~ not to be confused with PEI in Canada

* Roggevelv Mountains

* Table Mountain * uKhahlamba Mountains * Witwatersrand

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Q: What are the major landforms of South Africa?
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What are South Africa's major landforms and bodies of water?

Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Tableberg, Drakensberg

What are some major landforms in Africa?

atlas mountains

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What are the four major landforms in Africa?

Africa has an extremely diverse landscape. The four main landforms found on the continent are plateaus, deserts, mountains, and savannas.

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The major sports in South Africa are soccer and rugby.

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There are many landforms in this region. The major landforms in South Asia are seas, deserts, mountains, rivers, underground channels, plateaus and rift valleys.

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The Republic of Congo or Congo is in Central Africa. The country has four major landforms which are: forests, lakes, mountains, and volcanoes.

What Are 3 major landforms in Africa?

the 3 major mountain ranges in Africa are ethopian higlands, alps mountain, and drankensberg mountains.

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