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Christianity is the largest religion among English people with the population of 42079 thousand which is 71.6%. Then Muslim would be the next large religion with the population of 1591 thousand but there is also other religions such as Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, ect.

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Q: What are the major religions of England?
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What were the two major religions in Elizabethan England?

Protestant and Catholic

What are the major religions of Great Britain?

Christianity specifically the Church of England

What are the 2 major religions in Elizabeth England?

Protestant Christianity and Roman Catholicism.

What were the two major religions during Shakespeare's time in Elizabethan England?

Christianity was the major religion in Elizabethan times.

What are the major religions of England and wales?

# Reality TV shows. # Fast food. # Video games.

What is United Kingdom's religion?

A mixture of all religions but a major one is the Church of England, which is Protestant.

What are the major religions of Liberia?

what are major religions in Liberia

What is the tradition of Honduras?

What is two major religions in Honduras? What is two major religions in Honduras? What is two major religions in Honduras?

What religions are practice in England?

What religions are practiced in america? All of them. England is just as free as we are.

What are the three main religions in England?

Main religions in England are Christianity, Catholicism and Islam.

Major religions in Japan?

one of the major religions in japan is"BUDDHISM''

What is the Philippines major religions?

the 2 major religions are catholism and islam.

Are Anglican religions western religions?

"Anglican" religions would be a religion from England. the Anglican Church, though, is the national church of England.

What are the religions in London UK?

London, the capital of UK and the largest city in England, has a large religious population. Christianity, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist are all the major religions in this city. Generally The Church of England is the most recognised religion, but as this is a viberent populated city all religions are recognised.

What are the major religions of Japan?

Shintoist, Buddhism, Christianity are the major religions of Japan

What are the major religions of Europe?

Christianity and Muslim are two of the major religions in Europe

What are the worlds major religions?

Worlds major religions are Islam, Hinduism, & Christian.

Which major religions started in Asia?

All major religions started in Asia.

What are major religions in Venezuela?

The major religions are 96%catholic,2%protestant.

Political climate in England during time shakespeare writing?

The two major religions in Elizabethan England were the Catholic and Protestant religions. The convictions and beliefs in these different religions were so strong that they led to the executions of many adherents to both of these Elizabethan religions. Catholics in particular made various plots to overthrow the monarchy, which made the government somewhat tense and paranoid.

What are the major religions in Houston?

There are quite a few major religions that can be practiced in Houston, Texas. These religions include but are not limited to Christianity.

What are two major religions in Tanzania?

The 2 major religions in Tanzania are: * Christianity * Islam

What city is the site of 3 major religions?

Jerusalem is the city with the three major religions.

What is the holy place of all three major religions?

AnswerJerusalem is a major holy place for all of the three major Abrahamic religions: Jewish, Christianity and Islamic religions.

What are the three major religions in the US?

The 3 major religions in the US are Christianity Muslim Jewish