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What are the methods in student learning?

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The following are just some of the qualities of a good learner.

However, we must note that what may be a good quality for one

individual may not be as effective for another. It is a matter of

choosing the right practice particular to the one who is learning.

Still, we can get a general overview that others may add on to. *

To be a good learner, one must first have the mentality that he/she

is not beyond being taught. * A good learner must have a passion

for knowledge. It is an innate energy or drive that facilitates a

need for higher understanding, which may also be particular to a

specific goal or objective. * A good learner usually will have or

seek to increase good critical thinking skills. It's the ability to

take everything under consideration, and through simplicity of

thought (which is not simple thinking) make sense out of things, or

issues that may even appear to be chaotic at first. * A good

learner remains focused on the subject matter at hand, and takes

time to review the material until it is assimilated appropriately,

or we might say until it is well ingrained. * A good learner also

knows when it is a good time or bad time to study. In other words

as mentioned above, understands the importance of remaining

focused. * A good learner will usually have good time management

skills. * A good learner perseveres and does not become frustrated

or discouraged when items are not easily understood at first. * A

good learner will realize that in many instances, learning is not

always a spontaneous event, but something that is realized over a

period of time. * A good learner understands the importance of

practice, practice, practice. Well, the above qualities are just

some off the top of my head. I am sure others can add on to the

list, and even add a different perspective Viper1

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Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile. Expansion on that would

be the Multiple Intelligences.

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