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What are the most important things you need in a city?

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November 28, 2010 10:42PM

Roads Hospitals Stores Education Entertainment Buildings Houses

Malls Parks

Recreation centers Movie theaters Electronics

Baby stores Clothing stores Food stores Dentists Doctors

Universities Colleges

Private schools Public schools Mosques Churches City hall

Barbers Salons Spas

Sport courts Restaurants Apartments

Swimming pools Community centers

Traffic lights Waste disposal Senior facilities

SAFETY Universal health care Pet stores

Day care

Cars Ice rings Gyms Parking lots Zoos Car wash

Fire stations Gas stations Fast food places

Down town Electronic stores Businesses

Water treatment Elementary schools

Junior high schools High schools Teen services

Amusement parks Jobs LAWS Libraries

Liquid stores Museums Domes Transportation Agriculture services

Rivers Waterfalls Landfills

Book stores Coffee shops Phone services Orphanages Camp stores

Golf course

School buses Banks Toy stores Candy stores

road sighs walking paths bike paths

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