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This is my opinion only, but I feel it's important that a child have both parents if possible. Since the 60s having children out of wedlock didn't have the stigmatism it use to have. I have heard successful stories of a single mother or father raising their child very well. It's about the quality of time you spend with that child and the love you surround that child with. Many single parents will marry a little later on and often the new husband will take up the father imagine and form a bond with that child.

AnswerThere is wisdom in what is said above. A child reqires both parents to be raised to their full potential. The love and nurturing that can only come from a woman is truly the most increadible thing. Yet everything showes that a real father seems to strengthen a child as well. Do some research about families and you will see that children do their best with a mother and father.

In my faith we believe a child has a right to both parents. You must make your choise however. Just remember that even an imperfect marrige (which they all are, they involve us poor lunatic guys that you wonderful women have to help all the time) is better for the children. You ladys just be picky about the guys you love. You could get stuck like my poor wife of 14 years.

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Q: What are the negatives of having a child out of wedlock?
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What does having a baby out of wedlock in the fourteenth century mean?

Having a child "out of wedlock" means that the parents are not married, and therefore the child is illegitimate. The phrase is not limited to the 14th Century, but is still used.

What verse in the bible speaks on having a child out of wedlock?

i,m not sure

What is having a baby out of a wedlock?

Having a baby out of wedlock means having a baby without being married.

When did George Herbert Walker Bush have a child out of wedlock?

I can't find any evidence that he ever had a child out of wedlock.

How do you calculate the share of a child born out of wedlock in deceased parents property?

An out of wedlock child is entitled to the same share as an in wedlock child. It is the biology that is crucial and not marital status. You should check the laws of intestacy in your jurisdiction.

Does the bible say a child cant be christen if he is born out wedlock?

No. The Bible does not say a child born out of wedlock cannot be a Christian:

What is illegitimate child?

Refers to a child born out of wedlock.

What does child born in wedlock mean?

A child born in wedlock is one whose parents were married to each other at the time of the birth.

If an airmen has a kid out of wedlock will he be kicked out?

No you will not be disciplined or kicked out of the armed service for having a child out of wedlock. There is tons of folks in that position. Now if the person you are having the child with is married or you have cheated against your wife with the person having the child that is a different story. Its still on the books that having an extra marital affair is punishable by hanging, I'm glad they don't do that anymore because 1/2 of our armed forces would be swinging. Cheating nowadays involves loosing rank if that.

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Does Ben Lemoine director of The Experiment have a child?

Yes, he does have a child out of wedlock.

Does Ben Lemoine-director of The Experiment- have a child?

Yes, he does have a child out of wedlock.

What is wedlock to a muslim?

Having a baby with marriage.

What did Grover Cleveland do when accused of having a child out of wedlock?

he would protest against it and deny it all... then he would go out and spend money on prostitutes

What part of speech is used for a person born out of wedlock?

A person born out of wedlock is known as "illegitimate" or a "love child." The part of speech for "child" is a noun, and "illegitimate" is an adjective.

What does child born out of wedlock mean?

It means that the mother and father of the child were not married

What does Paiste Greine translate into?

Literally 'child of the sun', a child born out of wedlock

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When is the word 'illegitimate' used?

When a child is born out of wedlock.

Can the parents of a child born out of wedlock marry each other to legitimize the child?


What does it mean to have a child in wet lock?

The term "wedlock" means being married. If you have a baby in wedlock, it means you had a baby while married.

Can a child be christened in the catholic church if born out of wedlock?


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