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I think this blog explains what employers should expect when dealing with Green Cards and work visas. There are so many implicaitons and responsibilities when hiring someone with a visa or green card. This blog helped shed some light...

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Q: What are the obligations of an employer to sponsor an alien for a work visa?
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How do you convert a tourist visa to a work visa in Malaysia?

The first step is to be able to have a sponsor or an employer that is willing to convert your visa to a working one. If you have none then you will not be able to convert it.

How do you convert a tourist visa to a work visa in US?

Basically you need to have a sponsor or an employer in order for you to have it converted and for you to be able to use it to work legally. First step is to find an employer and then the company will be the one to help you and process your visa conversion.

Can you swap employers on an Australian permanent resident visa?

You can swap employers on a permanent resident visa. This visa is not employer dependent. You may be referring to the Australian sponsorship visa which is employer dependent. On this visa you would need to find another employer and get them to sponsor you if you are moving employer. You can ask questions live on the website which is quite handy. They mainly do working holiday visas and skilled migration visas

Is there a process for a non-relative to sponsor an illegal alien?

The only way to sponsor a non-relative would be through a work visa if the sponsor owns a company (or have them come work for them - not easy).

If you do not have an IT backgroud how do you convert your H4 visa to H1 status?

Without any work experience you will not be able to find a legitimate company to sponsor you for an H1 visa so almost impossible. H1B visa has few requirements that includes bachelor degree, work experience. Sponsor employer should show to US department you are eligible for the work and you have required skill sets.

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her visa?

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her F-1 visa

Can an alien get their visa before coming to the US?

An alien MUST get a visa BEFORE coming into the U.S. You would get the visa at the U.S. embassy/consulate in your country.

How do you convert a J-1 visa to an H1 visa in the US?

First of all, you have to make sure there is no "subject to 2 years" condition on your J-1 visa. This condition applies when you are on program that sponsored by either US government or government of your country. If there is no condition applies, you need to find US employer who is willing to hire you and sponsor your employment visa. The employer will be the one who processes the visa application for you. You cannot convert J-1 to H1, you need to return to your country to get visa stamped in your passport.

Can an illegal immigrant with an expired visa work with an individual tax identification number?

NO, it is unlawful for the illegal alien to be present in the country. It is unlwaful for any employer to knowingly hire an illegal alien. The illegal alien should immediately leave the country if he/she wants to comply with the law.

How can a Mexican get a work visa while staying in the US?

A company has to sponsor the Mexican to get a work visa.

How do you get visit visa to Qatar?

from my employer.

What is the difference between a visa number and alien number?

There is not much difference and there is a LOT of difference! A visa number is assigned to a person entering the USA. It later can become his/her Resident Alien number if alien status is granted. An alien number (usually from your visa number) is assigned to you when you have been granted legal Resident Alien status.

Should a US citizen who is marrying an alien have a good credit history?

In terms of applying for a US permanent residency visa for the alien spouse, it doesn't matter at all. When looking to sponsor anyone else, however, a good credit history is one component to being able to show the government that you can provide financially for the prosepective new visa holder.

What type of visa does an illegal alien have to have in order to legally work in the US if they are married to an alien with a green card?

A Big Hairy Vagina Visa!

Can you remove the visa of a resident alien for domestic violence behavior?

There is only one way to remove a visa of someone that is a alien. You will have to take it to court.

How do you apply employment visa in Thailand?

You don't (unless you are Asean) - you apply for a class B Non Immigrant Visa and then your employer gets a work permit for you. You will need an offer letter from your employer (prospective employer) for the B Non Im Visa.

Can we get usa and uk work visa without any sponsor if yes then how?

Yes. You can get USA and UK work visa without any sponsor by staying there for more than 10 years.

Can an illegal alien get a work visa?

No, not legally.

Can an Illegal alien work with a tourist visa?


Am an alien passport holder can you get a visa to Europe?


Do you have to be a family member to sponsor someone for a tourist visa?

no not necessary pramod

Can anyone sponsor a person with an expired work visa?

I'm afraid not

No objection certificate format from old employer to embassy for visa purpose?

The no objection letter from a past employer is needed to obtain a Visa. It can be sent to the consulate in Mumbai.

Do H4 visa holders have Alien registration number?


Is an alien number is the same as the visa number?

No, it's not.