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Ingnition switch, relays/fuses, wires. Depending on year ecm(engine control module) 1-12 coil packs, or distributor and spark plug wires and spark plugs. Can have knock sensors, which adjust timing to compensate of fuel/atmospheric conditions.

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Q: What are the parts of an ignition system?
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What are the components parts of starting system?

Battery, kickstarter, ignition, ignition coil,

How is the battery part of the ignition system?

It paints parts of the metal with electrodes.

Which is not a component of the ignition system?

The squirrell. Out of what parts? Piston? Cylinder? Key?

What is the primary parts in an ignition system?

Okay it break down like this; 1, the ignition. coil. 2, trigger or ignition module, 3 spark plug wire, 4 spark plug. You dident ask how it works. Wanna Know? I'm kolher. The primary system is the the low voltage side, points, ignition module, primary side of ignition coil and ignition switch. The secondary windings of the coil, coil wire, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and spark plugs are parts of the secondary system.

How do you remove ignition from 1995 Toyota Paseo?

You need to specify which parts of the ignition system you intend to remove. You can remove ignition from your vehicle entirely by removing the ignition coil wire from the distributor but I don't think that's the answer your looking for.

How do you replace ignition in 1997 Saturn SL?

"Ignition" is a system, of which the coils, spark plugs, wires and other components are a parts of. You need to be more specific with your question.

Does transmission issues cause start up problems?

no the transmission and the ignition system are two unrelated parts

List of auto parts a to z?

Let me try: Air conditioning system, Audio devices, charging system, braking system, engine parts, exhaust system, fuel support system, Gauges and meters, Ignition system, lighting and signaling system, sensors, suspension and steering system, transmission system, wheels and tire parts, windows.

A primary advantage of the electronic ignition system over conventional ignition systems is?

a primary advantage of the electronic ignition system over conventional ignition system is?

What is a VAT system in a Ford Expedition?

Vehicle Anti Theft system. You have to use the correct ignition key to energize the solenoid and or other parts for the vehicle to start.

Who invented the ignition system?

Nikolas Tesla invented the ignition system in 1898.

What is Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System in automobile?

advanced microprocessor ignition system is the one which uses it.........thats all i know...........