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Hey Shelly==It could be many things depending on the make, madel and engine you have.Goodlluck Joe

Always check for vacuum leaks first. If it has a carburetor it is probably time for a tune. check for a stuck or damaged throttle cable. If it is fuel injected you may have a malfunctioning sensor or actuator somewhere. This will usually trigger a check engine light.

Another : Check the A.I.S. (Automatic Idle control) which could be sticking, or the passageways dirty, or defective or worn out. Other than vacuum leaks, AIS or Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), there can be wiring problems or crankshaft position sensors giving false or weak signals.

In older carburetted engines, check the cold idle mechanisms operation and adjustments, like the bimetallic spring actuator or its Plumbing, even the inlet manifold could have some heating passages blocked. amclaussen.WOW! depends on the year and make if fuel injected it can be a throttle position sensor(TPS),IAC idle speed control sensor,throttle linkage,YOUR BIG TOE IS ON THE ACCELERATOR

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Q: What are the possible reasons a car could be idling high?
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Could be several reasons but a vacuum leak would be most likely.

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Vacuum leak.

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iac or tps

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Yes - You have a vacuum leak

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Your 1994 Nissan altima over heated then completely shut off and wont start 2 days before it was idling high could this be some of the problem and what could be wrong.please help asap?

Any time an engine overheats you need to make sure that it didn't cause serious damage. Run a compression test to see if the head or block has been damaged. Idling high may be a vacuum leak. If there is a vacuum leak and it becomes severe enough, the engine will not be able to start.

Why is it idling high?

The first thing to check if a fuel injected car is idling high is look for (listen for) a vacumn leak. look for a broken vacumn hose. 2nd, check the idle air control (the IAC) - However, if it is a carburetted car then you need to set the idle lower.

What's wrong when your RPMs are to high?

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