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Korea was occupied by Japan till the end of WW II. Towards the end of war Soviet Union occupied Northern part of Korea and USA occupied Southern part. The territorial dispute between USSR and China supported Northern Korea and USA supported South Korea resulted in start of full scale hostilities in 1950.

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Q: What are the reasons for the Korean War starting?
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What reasons did the Korean War start?

to eat pie

Why the Korean war broke out in 1950?

The Korean War broke out in 1950 for various reasons. For example, it broke out due to underlying tensions due to the Cold War.

What are the reasons for 1950-1953 Korean War?

Communist expansion.

What caused the Korean War to end and when did it end?

The Soviet Union (Russia) under Joseph Stalin supported the North Korean move into South Korea, starting the Korean War in 1950. Joseph Stalin died of natural causes in March 1953. The Korean war ended in July 1953.

What are short term reasons Russia joined the war?

they were blamed for starting the war

Where did the war located during the Korean war?

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

What was the next war after Korean war?

The Korean War was followed by the Vietnam War.

What is the significance of the Korean War?

There are several reasons the Korean War is significant. For one, it was quite destructive, despite the limited time it occured. But perhaps the reason it is significant is mostly due to the fact that it was the first armed conflict during the Cold War.

Which happen first Korean war or Vietnam war?

The Korean War.

Who the Korean War?

The Korean War was fought to a stalemate.

What was the length of the Korean War?

length of the Korean war?

What does Korean War mean?

The war of the Korean lol

Was the Korean War before or after the Vietam War?

the Korean war was before the Vietnam war because it was right after ww2 the Korean war started in 1950

Who was the most decorated US soldier in the Korean War?

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When and where did the Korean War breakout?

In 1950 the korean war start and i don't kow where did korean war started. Sorry

What was the average age of an American soldier in the Korean War?

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How many Korean citizens died in the Korean War?

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What war came after the Korean war?

the cold war

What major war came after the Korean War?

The next big war after the Korean War was the Vietnam War.

What where the effects of the Korean war?

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What was propaganda of the Korean War?

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Why was the Korean War named the Korean War?

because it was in Korea

Was there rationing during the Korean war?

No, there was no rationing in korean war

How much did the Korean war in 1960?

The Korean War was NOT in 1960.

Which came first the Vietnam or Korean war?

Korean war..