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Q: What are the rights of a person who Co signing a church car loan and the car is repossessed with the bank trying to collect?
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Can a disabled person's vehicle be repossessed in Florida?

A disabled person's vehicle can be repossessed just as any other person's vehicle can be repossessed. You must make all payments on your vehicle if you want to keep it.

Can a car be repossessed with a person in the car?


When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

How do you find out if you are responsible for paying for a repossessed car that is in another person's name but you co signed on?

"How do you find out if you are responsible ..... but you co signed on it."" You co-signed, you are responsible. What do you think "co-signing" is for? Call a local attorney.

Is there anything that you can do legally in Georgia to the person you co-signed for before the lender come after you when the car is repossessed?

Nothing that I know of, maybe a civil suit. You are learning the pitfalls of co-signing the hard way. Keep the lender aware of the signors address( so the lender can pester them as well as you), any windfall money the signor may get to collect from by the lender,ect. Good Luck

Drugs found in repossessed car who is at fault?

You should discuss this with an attorney, but the investigation will likely center on the person it was repossessed from.

Can a gift of a car be repossessed by the person the gifted it?

no it can't

What is co signing?

A person with good credit and an ability to pay signing on a loan for another person and guaranteeing the loan.

How can a person find and buy repossessed cars?

Repossessed cars are usually auctioned off in the county they were repoed in, you can also try this link to help find repossessed cars,

What is purpose of acknowledgement before a notary public in signing a deed?

To ensure that the person who is signing their name to the document ACTUALLY IS that person.

Is this how you spell repesesed?

REPOSSESSED - reclaimed from the person who purchased it (base of possess, to have)

What does capacity of person signing mean?

The role of the person signing (the contract/document)

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