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  • The transfer of oxygen through blood to the cells gets affected.
  • One can face the risk of cancer. Active people face less risk.
  • One can suffer from Diabetes. Insulin sensitivity is increased due to lack of exercise.
  • One can suffer from obesity, which leads to several health problems.
  • One can suffer from Heart diseases.
  • One can suffer from stroke. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of blood clots and raises HDL cholesterol.
  • The chances of suffer from cognitive decline or dementia are less in active people.
  • One loses out on muscle mass if one does not exercise regularly.
  • Regular exercise prevents osteoporosis. And lessens the chance of a bone breaking.
  • It leads to obesity. One tends to put on weight, which can have negative effect on health. The risk of heart attack and Diabetes is there.
  • Mental Health- Those who do not exercise regularly are prone to depression. Active people are less likely to suffer from depression. Also, the self - esteem remains high if one exercises regularly. One feels fit, both physically and emotionally.
  • Regular exercise helps in boosting the immune system.
  • It can lead to fatty liver disease known as hepatic steatosis.
  • Increased risk of injuries.
  • Elderly face loss of balance.
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There are several short-term effects of no exercise. It includes fatigue, increase in appetite, poor sleep, as well as stress.

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It is important for people to exercise when they can. If they do not they can become obese, they can lose muscle mass, and become weak.

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Q: What are the short term effects of a lack of exercise in detail?
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