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Hey K==It will start grinding in reverse and hard to shift in foreward gears. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-14 11:18:24
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Q: What are the signs of losing a clutch in a 2002 Honda Civic?
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What are the signs that a Honda engine needs a P1457 check?

There are many different signs that will tell you that your Honda P1457 will need to be checked. Some of the more common are when the engine knocks and you start losing power.

How do you know if your clutch is going bad?

Slipping of the clutch and a peculiar smell are the first signs of a clutch that is worn out.

What are the signs that a clutch is going out?

Signs a clutch is going: Shifting gets harsh, when you shift into a gear and push gas pedel...nothing happens for a bit.....grinding noise (kinda like a wheel bearing). That's all I can think of, symptoms I had before my clutch went out.

What has the author Christopher M Brown written?

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What is the signs of clutch is going bad on Mitsubishi Spider 2003 5 speed 3.0?

Signs of a clutch going bad, When at a stop it is hard to shift into gear.When driving off from a stop the engine RPMs increase but the vehicle speed doesn't.

Signs of the clutch failing in a vw gti?

You push the gas in after you let go of the clutch, and it lags a little, or in short spurts of power. sometimes you can hear the bearing inside it itself.

What are the signs that the clutch is wearing out on my vehicle?

Your vehicle will go into high rpms and not move very much. Also clutch will start to "slip" as your driving it will just start to rev high.

How can you tell if your automatic transmission for your Honda Civic 1998 EK3 model is working properly?

There are many signs of a bad transmission and it is important to know them. Some ways to tell if transmission is not working right, would be rough shifting, leaks, and warning lights on the dashboard blinking.Ê

Why does my 1994 Honda Civic EX blowing grey smoke out of the exhaust?

Grey/whitish smoke usually burning water/black smoke usually burning oil-could be head gasket issue. Look for signs of water loss, overheating or water in oil pan.

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I have a 1993 Mazda protege that will shift in all gears with clutch out and engine running but will not move is it a clutch or trannsmission?

Well first of all, if your talking about a manual shift, the clutch is. more or less part of the transmission. Sounds to me like your clutch pad / disk is worn out or you burned it up. Which can happen if you slip the clutch all the time at stop lights / signs. In that case you should probably replace the clutch plate and disk replaced, and have your flywheel resurfaced.

What causes high temp on a 2002 trailblazer?

sticking thermostat, fan clutch or waterpump. all have tell tale signs.

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How would you know if your ac clutch bearing was going bad?

It is important to know the signs of a bad car part. If an AC clutch bearing going bad, the biggest indication would be the trouble driving with the AC on in the car.

Rover 75 Clutch just stopped working slave cylinder dry but no sign of leakage do you need to refill and bleed or buy new one?

If no signs of leakage at slave operating cylinder,then check clutch master cylinder for leakage,and look at clutch pedal and see if you see any clutch fliud as rod comes thru firewall.follow all lines.

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What are the signs of a worn differential spider gear in a 5 speed transmission of a Honda accord 94?

"bangs" and disengages on corners

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Your Windstar is losing oil and there are no visible signs of leakage anywhere any suggestions?

check your pvc. If that is not working your engine will blow the oil out somewhere.

How does a 1998 civic lxi responds if the timing belt is broken?

then engine stops running, the valves all smack the pistons and the $$$$ signs fly out of your wallet/bank account.

What are signs that a Volvo clutch could be in trouble?

If it starts to slip or if you have to push it in a long way just to get it to come out or gear then its starting to go. They will usually start to slip first because in the clutch there is a pressure plate and they will wear down over time and then it starts to slip when it gets to low.

1986 Mazda truck clutch pedal goes to floor and stays?

could be your clutch slave. mine was $65 and i put it in myself it was hard to bleed myself i recommend an assistant to help you with that part. it just broke in the driveway no signs of failure prior. have you tried lifting your foot?