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What are the signs that the timing is off in a car?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-15 14:11:58

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Your timing MIGHT be off if: low power, poor acceleration, poor gas mileage.

2006-08-15 14:11:58
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Why does car engine run on for a few seconds after turn the car off?

the timing is off

Does your car shut off when the timing belt breaks?


Your car turns off when you press the gas?

Your ignition timing is WAY off.

What are the signs for broken timing belt on 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

The car engine will be totally inoperative!

What will happen if you continue to drive your car while the timing is off?

If you continue to drive your car while the timing is off,your motor will start to act a little funny.I would NOT suggest you continously drive your car like that.

Why does your spark in your car miss fire?

Your engine timing is off.

Can a bad exhaust or not warming up your car throw your timing belt off?

NO! This has no effect on the timing belt.

What could cause the timing to be off other than the timing belt on a 1998 ford escort zx2?

If your timing is off, it's most likely because of the timing belt. I had this problem when I changed my timing belt and took my car apart over 10 times. You have to be dead-on precise when fitting the timing belt. If you are off one notch your timing will be off. It's that precise.

Your car backfires when trying to start?

Sounds like the timing is off.

Why car hesitates to crank even after battery change?

Timing is off.

Is there a trick to get your car to shut off with a timing problem?

Shut it off in drive, then put it in park.

Can you trade in a car to purchase another car if the car is titled in your mothers name?

As long as she signs off on it, yes.

Why does your car shake after changing the timing belt?

Your timing belt was not properly installed. It's probably off by a tooth or two.

What are the signs of a bad rack and pinion?

It is important to recognize the signs of part failure in a car. The signs of a bad rack and pinion are unusual tire wear, the steering is off, and fluid leaking from the front end of the car.

Will your car stall out if the timing is off?

Sure can. Backfiring and very poor performance as well

How do you set timing on a 1996 Oldsmobile bravada?

YOU don't set the timing on a 96, its all computer controlled. If your timing is off then you have a problem somewhere else. So if you timing is truly off then what needs to be fixed is whats causing it to be off. The computer sets the timing based on feedback that it gets from different sensors on and around the motor. And secondly i don't understand how you could even know if the timing was off in that car. But my advice is, if you know the timing is off and its not throwing any trouble codes, take it to a dealer.

What happens to your car if you continue to drive it while the timing is off?

You'll damage (probably seriously) the engine and related components such as the transmission and drive-shaft - how bad will depend on how "off" the timing is.

What happens when you turn the car on the motor start shaking then the car cuts off?

You need to check your timing belt if it is not in time it will not start or run for a little then shut off.

Why does your car turn off when you come to a stop?

Your car might turn off when you come to a stop because the car has an electrical problem or a problem with the distributor. It might also turn off when you come to a stop because of a timing issue.

Will it make car miss and backfire?

timing off, bad plug or wire. Stuck valve

If the timing has jumped will the car start?

no the car will not start timing has to be set again

What are the signs of needing a new timing belt?

The altima uses a timing chain, not a belt.

Does accidentally turning the distributor throw of the timing on a 4.3 V6 Chevy?

yes turning the distributer will throw off timing in any car or truch with one

You put all new gaskets1999 Chevy Malibu in your 2.4 L motor and timing and now the car is sputtering?

sounds like timing is a bit off!!

What does it mean when a check engine light cones on and the car cuts off?

timing belt may have snapped