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World Continents Size & Population based on 2005 World Census North America: Continent Size: 24,474,000 sq. Km or 9,449,460 sq miles 16.5% of the Earth's Land Population: 501,500,000 South America: Continent Size: 17,819,000 sq Km or 6,879,000 sq miles 12% of the Earth's Land Population: 379,500,000 Africa: Continent Size: 30,065,000 sq km or 11,608,000 sq miles. 20.2% of Earth's Land Population: 877,500,000 Australia: Continent Size: 8,112,000 sq km or 3,132,059 sq miles. 5.3% of Earth's Land Population: 32,000,000 Asia: Continent Size: 44,579,000 sq km or 17,212,000 sq miles 30% of Earth's Land Population: 3,879,000,000 Europe: Continent Size: 9,938,000 sq Km or 3,837,081 sq miles 6.7% of Earth's Land Population: 729,000,000 Antarctica: Continent Size:13,209,000 sq km or 5,100,021 sq miles

(varies due to changing ice shelves)

8.9% of Earth's Land (Population 0 )

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Q: What are the size and population of the seven continents of the world?
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Where does Antarctica rank in size of the seven continents?

its the foruth largest continent

Which country is fourth in the world in population and in size?

In size, the USA. In population, Indonesia.

Where does Africa rank among the seven other continents in size?

Africa is the second largest continent.

What are the 5 continents?

If you mean continents, there are actually seven - not 5. In order of decreasing size, they are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia.

Where does North America rank as far as size of the continents?

By area, it ranks 3rd, and by population it ranks 4th.

How does Pacific Ocean compare to continents in size?

The same size as all the continents combined

List the continents of the world according to land size largest to smallest?

phillipines 125k

Which is the smallest city of the world?

Smallest in population? If so, cities are regulated by size of population. If it is by size, Durbury, Belgium.

How does Europe compare to other continents in terms of size and population?

Europe is the second smallest continent, but the third most populous.

How does this continents size rank compared to the other continents?

by africa

Which type of map shows the most accurate representation of the size the continents in relation to other continents?

A globe avoids the distortion found on flat maps of the world.

Are Russians big?

Russian people are of average size. The country of Russia is the largest country by size in the world. Russia spans two continents.

Does the UK have the largest population of all countries in the world?

No, China has the largest population followed by India. The UK is ranked 22 in the world for population size.

How rifting and accretion change the shapes of continents?

they can increase or move the size of the continents

How has the size of world population changed in recent years?

The size of world population has increased over the years. More people are living longer because they have access to better medical care.

What was the increase in population size From 1960 to 1970?

In 1960, the population of the world was 3.03 billion people. By 1970, the population had increased to 3.7 billion and by 1980, the world population was 4.45 billion.

Does Japan have the most unvaried population of its size in the world?

no japan doesn't have the most unvaried population

What is the estimate current world population size?

4.3 billion

Russia is the world's largest state in population size?

False, China is. Russia is the world's largest state just simply in size.

How does Asia size rank compare to the other continents?

Asia is the largest 17,139,445 square miles and largest by population with over 4 billion people

What is the size of all the continents in the world?

147,553,000 sq km From: Nathaniel G. M. age 7

How big is Australia compared to other continents and countries?

Australia is the 6th largest continent in the world. It is double the size of all of europe. 6.5 times the size of the U.S and 15 times the size of the UK

How can the size of bee population affect the whole world?

very carefully

The second largest country in the world?

By population is India, size is Canada

Is the Vatican a separate country from Italy?

Yes. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world by population and size. With a population of just 826 and a size of 110 acres it is tiny!

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