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there are many different set ups. it depends on what engine and year the car is. you have three timing marks. the is one on the cam gear, one on the crank pulley and one on the torque converter or flywheel. start by turning the engine with a 19mm 12 point socket on the crank-never by the cam. line up the timing mark that is on the camgear with the mark on the valve cover. you will obviusly need to remove the timing cover. the crank mark is on the pulley and will line up with a mark on the lower metal timing cover. if these line up you are good and if they dont you are out of time. the mark on the flywheel or torque converter is tdc wich you will need to use if you change the timing belt. i advise that you do not do this yourself because there are many critical steps for making sure everything is perfect. if the timing is not dead on or close. your valves will crash into the pistons causing you to pay 2700 dollars for a new head plus the work

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Q: What are the steps for checking or setting timing 1998 jetta?
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2/15/08 I don't know when this was posted, but the steps are. 1. disconnect timing connector (which I cannot find). 2. connect timing light to no1 sparkplug. 3. with engine running at idle check for 0 degrees. 4. if not loosing distributor bolt and turn for 0 degrees tighten bolt. 5. reconnect timing connector.

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