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Okay, I will try to exlpain the best I can. I did this last year on my 1990 Legacy. Okay If you want one key make sure you get the new cylinder keyed at a locksmith to the ignition key. Use your best key to do this. okay her it goes. First open the door. Second remove all screws out of the inside door cover. I think there are three, one of them is in the handle and has a foam thingy in the hole so just pop the foam out and used a long screwdriver. Now that you have all the screws out you need to pop the plastic grommet things out of place, to do this just pry the door at the bottom and continue around until you pop all out. Now then door should be loose but remember you have a elitric window cable still attached to the door. so reach up and unclick the cable so its loose. Now put inside door cover inside or on the backseat so it does not get scratched up. Okay now there is a weather protecter clear plastic thing covering the inside of the door. remove this only on the left side of the door and just roll it back a little. This thing is really good because it keeps your car dry. Okay now you need to remove the door handle. so first remove the to long rod things that hook into the door handle. This can be removed at the door or the handle. The door is probably best because its a pain to put back together. Remove these rods by pulling the plastic conector directly back and it should unclick. Now move the rods out of the way. Unscrew the door handle from the inside, there are two screws or bolts that hold the handle in place. Now pull the handle out from the outside part of the door. It will come with a little manipulation watch the paint though. Okay now that you have the handle out look at the back of it. There is a small wire clip holding the cylinder lock in place. remove the clip and the cylinder should slide out. now slide the new cylinder which you should have already keyed to the original key into the hole. place the wire clip back in place and nopw you have a new door lock cylinder in the handle. Now you can put it back in using the reverse of what you just did. Have fun. Oh yea dont forget to clip the window cable back when you put your door back together. Peace out!!1 and next time don't buy a pre 1995 Subaru cause they fall apart.

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Q: What are the steps in replacing a drivers side door lock cylinder on a 1991 Subaru Legacy?
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