Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

What are the steps to recover from an abusive relationship?

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2006-09-26 18:52:11

Terminate the relationship, live your life without regard to

entering into another relationship. Become involved in a business,

hobby, group or religion; anything that requires a lot of time and

effort. If you meet someone during that process, fine, if not,

don't worry about it. The important part is, don't latch onto the

NEXT relationship on the "rebound", and don't get into a "support

group" that turns out to be nothing more than a group of "male

bashing" or "Female loathing" people who have nothing better to do

than to feel sorry for themselves and talk about how terrible

members of the opposite gender tend to be. That can ruin your

perspective on life. And last, don't go out with anybody that you

meet at a bar or any other casual meeting place. If you decide to

date, it should be someone you meet at work, church, school or some

other establishment that lets you see what the person is like over

a long period of time. At least some of the people you know should

have known him/her for a long time so that you can know that he/she

is not a flake and not just stopping by for a quick roll. And above

all, respect yourself. Take care of yourself, do things for

yourself, buy stuff to make YOU feel good and look good. Go on a

trip, anything that pampers YOU. You're trying to rebuild your ego.

Abusive relationships are hard on the self-image. Loose weight if

you need to. Exercise if you aren't doing it already... maybe join

a gym or take a karate class. The important part is to do it for

YOU. If you have some single friends, maybe go on a cruise together

after you've met a self improvement goal.

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