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What are the taliban rules?

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This answer is wrong. The Afgan people must follow these laws or face death.

Complete bans on Music, T.V, internet, Keeping Birds, Kite flying, books,

Public laughing, shouting or clapping at outside events.

Men must ; Cut short their hair, Grow long their beards.Wear Islamic clothing.

Wear the Islamic turban or Islamic cap.

Look after and control their women folk.( This can be done by means of beating and rape ) Pray at the mosque five times a day. Not indulge in homosexual practices. Non Muslims must wear a yellow badge to differentiate themselves.

Women must not ; Gain an education, Have employment, Leave home without permission of father or husband. Walk outside without being accompanied by a male family member or without fully covering there body with a robe for islamic culture.

Women must ; Wear the burqa at all times, Speak in hushed tones, so as not to be heard by men that are not relatives.To disobey any of these restrictions means execution, by means of beheading for men and execution by means of public stoning for women.1) The law of women not being able to wear mens clothing was a later law introduced after women who had no male relative to go out and provide for them, were forced on to the street in mens clothing in order to buy food or gain medical assistance.

2 ) Female doctors who had lost their jobs when the Taliban took power, were forced to run underground, secret hospitals for women or to walk to the homes of sick women, where they would do so in mens clothing.

This was the only crime not punishable by means of execution.The crime of painting ones nails is punished by chopping off the offending digits.

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How were women treated in Afghanistan by the taliban?

Well, along with the rules that men and women had to follow, the women had rules of their own. Search this website for rules the Taliban. http://www.rawa.org/rules.htm

What types of rules do the Taliban enforce in areas they control?

The rules the Taliban enforce is that women have to wear burqas and that girls over the age of eight have to wear chadors.

Why did the Taliban enforce their rules?

The Taliban enforced their rules because they honestly believed that the creation of that type of theocratic totalitarianism was what God demanded of humanity. They also used their rules in order to gain control and maintain order as well as fear.

Why do Taliban have so many rules?

The Taliban are religious extremists who believe people must behave in a very specific way in order to please god.

Where did the taliban origanate?

The Taliban originated / came to power during Afghanistan's long civil war in 1996. Immediately, Taliban forbade women and children to go to work and school. Then followed a series of rules and regulations.

Why were the Taliban so cruel?

Because they believe Islamic government called "Shariah" and Shariah uses very cruel rules.......... For example if u stole something the taliban would cut your hands off.

Who attacked Malala Yousafzai?

Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban .

Was osama bin laden part of the taliban?

He the leader of the Taliban, he organized and trained those that are in the Taliban

Differences between Taliban and Shi'a Terrorist Forces?

Taliban is not shia. Taliban members are Wahhabi which is a sunni sect. there is not relation between shia and Taliban.

Where are the taliban from?

Most members of the Taliban were born in Afghanistan.

How does malala yousafzai describe the growing tailban in her region And what rules did they impose?

Malala Yousafzai describes the growing Taliban presence in her region with resentment.

Leader of the taliban?

Usama Bin Laden is the Taliban Leader

Are the taliban still in Afghanistan?

AnswerYes, Taliban are still in Afghanistan.

When did Taliban insurgency happen?

Taliban insurgency happened in 2002.

What does taliban mean in Arabic?

Taliban (طالبان) means "students" as the Taliban consider themselves the "students of the Qur'an and Shari'a (Islamic Law)."

How do you spell taliban?

Taliban is the correct spelling in English. طالبان is the correct spelling in Arabic, Dari, and Pashto.

When did the taliban gain power?

The Taliban gained power in September 1996

What is the duration of Escape from Taliban?

The duration of Escape from Taliban is 2.77 hours.

When did the Taliban sieze control of Afghanistan?

The Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan in 1996.

How many people did the Taliban kill?

the taliban killled over 3000 people

Why do the Taliban hate the US but not other countries?

The Taliban are also not keen on the British.

Why do the Taliban want Afghanistan?

It is their home. Most members of the Taliban were born in Afghanistan.

When was Escape from Taliban created?

Escape from Taliban was created on 2003-02-14.

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