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no idea what are, but the 2.3L European engine is a four not a v6

AnswerI think the person meant � 2.3 16V engine.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:27:11
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Q: What are the timing chain settings for a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport 2.3L V6 European?
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1999 transport have a timing belt or chain?

The 3.4 litre V6 engine in a 1999 Pontiac Trans Sport has a timing CHAIN

When was Pontiac Trans Sport created?

Pontiac Trans Sport was created in 1990.

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Does a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport have a timing belt?

No, timing chain.

Does a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Sport have a timing belt or timing chain?

Timing CHAIN

Does the Toyota RAV4 sport 2005 come with timing belt or a timing chain?

timing chain

When do you replace the timing belt in a sport trac?

Actually it uses timing chains

Does the Cherokee liberty sport 2008 have a timing chain or belt?

It has a timing chain.

How much does a 1970 Pontiac lemans weigh?

Weight on my Pontiac LeMans Sport registration is 3800

Does a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport V6 have a timing belt or chain?

Timing chain.

Does a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport V6 have a timing belt or chain?

The 2001 Ford Explorer Sport V-6 has a timing belt. Ford engines have not use a timing chain since the 1980s.

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Does a 2000 Caravan Sport with a 3.0L V6 have a timing belt or timing chain?

The 3.0 is a Mitsubishi and it uses a toothed belt for valve timing.

At what mileage do you change the timing belt on a 1995 Buick regal grand sport?

Buick Regals don't have timing belts. They have a timing chain.

How do you set the timing on a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with a 4.0 V6?

Timing is computer controlled.

Does a 2007 sport trac have a timing chain or belt?

On a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac : The 4.0 litre SOHC , V6 engine has ( 3 timing CHAINS ) The 4.6 litre V8 engine has ( 2 timing CHAINS )

Where can you find a wiring diagram for 1991 Pontiac trans sport?

Wiring for 91 Pontiac Transport:

Does a 2005 Subaru Outback with the sport transmission have a timing belt?

The transmission has nothing to do with your timing belt. If your vehicle is equipped with a 2.5l it has a timing belt. If you have a 3.0l it has timing chains. Cheers!

What is the horsepower rating on a 1999 Pontiac trans sport?

185 hp

Where is the antenna on a 96 Pontiac trans sport?

It's concealed in the roof