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The timing marks are on the timing cover for the crank pulley, and on the cyl head for the cam ...

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Q: What are the timing marks on a ford escort 1.9L?
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Where can you find a wiring diagram for the ignition module on a 1986 ford escort L 19L carburated?

go to the ford dealer and have them photocopy the appropriate pages in the 1986 escort e.v.t.m. (electrical-vacume troubleshooting manual) your welcome, mo the ford tech

How do you replace a timing belt on a 1994 Escort LX 19L engine?

This procedure is more involved then can be outlined here. Purchase a HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL which will describe this procedure in detail.

How many hours does it take to replace a clutch on a 95 ford escort with a 19L?

aprox 4-6hrs properly done.depending on the mechanic's skills and equipment it may take less time but expect at least 4hrs.

Where is 1992 ford escort wagonlx 19l air conditioning fuse located?

Manual shows Air cond. Fuse in under the hood fuse box 10A. Actually this is a relay located under the hood, in what is called a fuse block. Look for a black box with white printed diagram on it.

How many mL are in 19L?


Why wont my 91 Ford Escort LX 19L start after replacing the water pump?

There is a possibility that you have gotten your serpentine drive belt too tight. Deflection for the belt shold be: 1.8L new belt 5/16 to 3/8 ", used belt 3/8 to 7/16 of an inch; 1.9L and 2.0L have an automatic tensioner on them.

What are the exhaust intake manifold torque specs for a ford 19l engine?

According to the Chilton manual, the torque settings are 15 to 20 foot pounds or 21 to 27 Newton Meters.

How many liters are in a water cooler jug?

They are 5 gallons, which converts to 19L.

Where is the starter located on a 91 ford escort with the 19L or could there be another problem because it will not even crank has new battery?

Make extra sure that the cables are good and not corroded and green inside and that the ground is on bare metal. Then look at the solenoid located near the battery it connects to the red battery cable. Check these before you think about replacing the starter. The starter is found by following the battery cable from the solenoid; it will lead you right to it.

Where is the paint code on 1979 Camero?

the paint code will be on the trim tag plate...when you open the hood it will be attached to the bodt right in front of the windshield on the drivers side it will say something simalar to 19u 19L than look that up on the web ...just put in trim tag decoding and that will lead you to the site to decode..19u 19L simply means it was yellow on the upper and 19L means it was yellow on the lower portion

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