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I'm 90% sure there isn't an official list. But for international companies, they have what they call the "gold standard" list. This list includes includes the Kirov, Bolshoi, Paris Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, and New York City Ballet, in which case NYCB would clearly be among the top 15 in the US. But for the others, a list of that sort would most likely just cause a lot of arguing.

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Q: What are the top 15 ballet companies in the US?
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Where in the US are the top ten ballet companies of 2007-2008?

Great American ballet companies are a matter of opinion. Yet, the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Fransisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Oregon Ballet, and other smaller-tier companies are considered at the top!

What are the top 50 ballet companies in the US?

American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet Pacific Northwest Ballet Boston Ballet Joffrey Ballet Chicago Pittsburg Ballet Theatre Ballet West Atlanta Ballet Carolina Ballet Ballet Met Cincinnati Ballet Houston Ballet San Francisco Ballet Miami City Ballet Pennsylvania Ballet Tulsa Ballet Los Angelos Ballet Grand Rapids Ballet American Repertory Ballet Milwaukee Ballet Colorado Ballet Washington Ballet Texas Ballet Theatre North Carolina Dance Theatre

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the US?

* Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet * School of American Ballet * San Francisco Ballet School * Pacific Northwest Ballet School * Boston Ballet School

What is the best ballet school in US?

It depends on what type of school you are looking for, and what type of training you are seeking. If you are looking for classical ballet training, the top schools are generally associated with professional ballet companies. For example, the School of American Ballet trains their students for careers in New York City Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet trains their students for their company as well. As far as colleges go, The Juilliard School has an outstanding dance program, as does SUNY Purchase, NYU Tisch, and University of California, Irvine.

What are the top candy companies in the US?

Some of the top candy companies in the US are American Candy Company, and Jelly Belly. Other top candy companies are Smarties Candy Company and Reed's Candy.

What are the top 10 ballets in the US?

#10 New York City Ballet #9 American Ballet Theatre #8 San Fransisco Ballet #7 Atlanta Ballet #6 Boston Ballet #5 Houston Ballet #4 Miami City Ballet #3-Pacific Northwest Ballet #2 Joffrey Ballet #1 Washington Ballet

What are the top 10 ballet companies in the US?

The American Ballet TheatreThe New York City BalletBoston BalletSan Francisco balletPacific Northwest BalletJoffrey BalletMiami City BalletWashington BalletOrlando BalletPittsburgh Ballet TheatreJoffrey Ballet in Chicago should also be on any top ten list.I agree with Joffrey in the top 10 as well. And believe it or not, Tulsa would certainly be in the top ten. I've seen most listed and put Tulsa above many.I seriously doubt that the Washington Ballet (listed twice here!), Orlando Ballet or the Oregon Ballet Theatre are better than the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. PBT has its own orchestra, it has its own costume department, (one of the few in the country), it has a full season schedule of demanding ballets, and it has top-notch talent. It also has one of the leading ballet schools in the country. Look it up, folks.If we measure the ballet company based on the size and funding for different department ownership (like costume, orchestra etc.), PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet) is no doubt close to top 5 or 3. No doubt Boston Ballet is on the top as historically sending principal dancers to Royale.Houston Ballet also has its own orchestra and costume shop and in 2011, completed its state-of-the-art Center for Dance facility, which is the largest facility dedicated to dance in the United States (with nine studios, one black box dance laboratory, costume and wardrobe shop, and administrative offices). Houston Ballet also has one of the largest endowments of any dance company, with an endowment currently standing at over $60 million. The company has 55 dancers, and tours both nationally and internationally. Houston Ballet Academy is also one of the leading training academies for dance in the U.S., so I am SHOCKED that Houston Ballet did not make this list. I do not know what metrics this list is based on, but it is clearly not an accurate reflection of the top 10 companies in the United States.

Top 50 companies in the US by market capitalization?

A list of the top 50 companies is in the attached web link.

What are the top 10 ballet schools in the US?

1. American Ballet Theatre 2. New York City Ballet 3. San Francisco Ballet 4. Miami City Ballet 5. Pacific Northwest Ballet 6. Boston Ballet 7. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 8. Ballet Arizona 9. Washington Ballet 10. LINES Ballet

Is ballet Austin one of the best ballet schools in the us?

Ballet Austin is a very good ballet school and is connected to a professional ballet company. There are ballet schools that are better, like the school of merican, Ballet Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet,etc., but Ballet Austin is for sure very good. If you are dancing there and you are willing to work hard you do have potential then to dance professionally. If you're dancing their I strongly reccomend attending Ballet Austin II and then maybe you will be able to dance professionally with Ballet Austin if that is what you wish. I included it in my list of top best ballet academies in the world. Go to:

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What are the top ten dance companies in the US?

academy of dance arts

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How long has ballet been around in the US?

Ballet was first introduced in the US in 1901 when The Ballet Russe, a Russian technique company started touring and perfroming in the states.

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What are the top ballet schools in Europe?

there are a few that i know of in England i don't know how advanced you are or how professional you want to go but these are some: Northern Ballet Academy- this is where I went ( also has a company) Central school of ballet the royal ballet (of course!) English national ballet London Russian ballet school Elmhurst school of dance there are many more especially in the US. hope this was of some help