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What are the top ten favourite cars for doctors?

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2009-08-31 15:31:36

Doctors are a mix of many different types of people from many

different backgrounds and with greatly varied interests. Income

levels, while usually above average, also vary greatly.

As owner of Physicians Auto Group and, I see firsthand what Doctors drive. As

you may expect, it's the same thing that everybody else drives

(Just newer and nicer). BMW, Mercedes and Lexus are all on the

list, but a few others stand out.

The Honda odyssey is the #1 selling Minivan in the US, and not

surprisingly, the most popular van with Doctors (Yes, they have

families too)

Porsche cars are also high on the list, as they are Exotic cars

that can be driven everyday. Porsches to many doctors are All

Season cars.

Lexus RX350's are a winner across the board. They have utility

and luxury, combined with superior reliability.

Doctors many times just want the newest coolest car out. The

Toyota Prius was extremely popular when gas prices were at

$4/Gallon, The retractable hardtop 3 series BMW sold in scores when

it was released in 2007.

In closing, Doctors drive all sorts of cars, they're usually

newer and very well equipped, however they range from Fords to

Ferraris, and Hondas to Hummers.

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