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Q: What are the torque settings for 1991 golf gti 8v cylider head camshft?
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What are the Torque settings for a 3 cylinder 1991 Suzuki alto car in lbft and valve clearance please?

29,40,51 lbft

Cylinder head torque sequence for a 1991 pathfinder?

what is the head torque sequence for a 1991 pathfinder

What is the torque specs for a 1991 Corsica 2.2?

torque specs of what?

Does 1991 Thunderbird torque converter have a drain plug?

does a 1991 thunderbird torque converter have a drain plug

What are the torque settings for the bolts on a 1991 Isuzu pickup head?

go to the library and get a tech manual on your vehicle and it should tell you. I'm guessing 79ft/lbs

1991 starlet GT turbo 4e-fte engine Torque settings needed?


How do you torque down a cylinder head b18a1 1991 acura?

With a Torque Wrench.

Torque specs for 1991 Buick 3800 V6?

Need more info. Torque specs. for what?

What is the torque sequence for rocker arm bolts on a 1991 ford 1.9 engine?

There is no torque sequence just torque rocker arm studs to the proper torque

Rod bolt torque for 1.9L escort lx?

What is the torque of 1991 ford escort piston rods

What is Torque spec for Ford 3.8?

what is the torque on the bolts for the transmission pan on a 1991 ford thunderbird 3.8

Head bolt torque specs on 1991 Chevy 350?

60-to 70 ft. lbs. of torque 60-to 70 ft. lbs. of torque

What is the stock horsepower and torque on a 1991 Ford Bronco 5.8?

HP is 210@3800 and torque is 315@2800

Mercedes 300e cylinder head bolt torque specs?

what is the over all torque for a Mercedes 300e 1991

What are the specs to torque head bolts on 1991 jeep Cherokee?

thank you

What is the torque for intake manifold bolts 1991 Buick le Sabre 3.8 liter?

what is the torque specificationfir the rockerarm bolt on 1991 Buick le Sabre v-6 3.8 liter

What is the horsepower and torque of a 1991 mustang gt?

225 horsepower at 4200 RPM and 300 lb/ft torque at 3200 RPM

What are the torque specs for a 1991 Chevy Cavalier 2.0L?

70 ft-lbbs

What is the torque on the head bolts of 1991 gmc 1500?

65 foot pounds.

1991 Chevy 350 head bolt torque specs?

65ft. LBS.

What is the torque specification for Toyota Camry 1989 four cylinder head bolts?

1991 toyota camry head bolts torque specs

1991 Honda CRX head torque specification and sequence?

hondahookup has manual you can download

What is the proper tightening torque for a 1991 Toyota pickup oil drain plug?


What are the torque specs for 1991 Geo Metro 1.0 L?

56-58 ft·lb

What is the proper spindle nut torque for a 1991 Honda accord?

134 ft-lbs