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The symptoms of roundworms in adult cats are very similar to tapeworms. In kittens vomiting, diarrhea, dull coats, a pot belly on a thin body, and weakness are symptoms of roundworm. It is a good idea to get your kitten checked for roundworm by your vet, as it can cause serious illness in kittens.

Your vet will prescribe a dewormer, and it may have to be repeated several times before the roundworms are gone. Ascarid eggs are very resistant, so during the treatment litter should be scooped daily and litter pans washed with hot water and detergent regularly. Throw out the litter and disinfect the boxes before the end of the treatment

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go to the vets or buy a vet recommended worming course. be aware there are different kinds of worms, and different courses are for the different types of worms

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Q: What are white worms in the cat's feces and how do you treat them?
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Does the white worms in cats come from pork?

White worms in cats and dogs are probably tapeworm, which is spread by fleas.

What does it mean when a black and white worm comes out of your cats bum?

they have worms

Will cats feces smell if it has worms?

ALL cat feces (or any feces of all species) has an odor, but if a cat's feces has an especially putrid odor, along with possibly being loose, it is possible that the cat has coccidiosis. Which is caused by a protozoan parasite. Kittens have died from lack of treatment for coccidia.

What is the long stringy stuff coming from your cats butt?

The long stringy stuff coming from your cats butt is probably worms. To treat this take your cat to the vet.

There are rice looking pieces on my cats feces could it be worms or something else?

First take this cat to the vet and second its probley worms if your cat scratches its butt along the floor it is highy to have worms third if it doesn't scratch its butt then it could be rice that it had in its meal?

What are the effects of cat urine and feces to other cats?

Cats use urine to mark territory. Their feces doesn't do much.

How do worms eat cats?

Worms eat cats that are decomposed and they take small bites of it.

Do Cats have worms?

A cat can die from certain types of worms. Like the heartworm, a cat can die from. But worms around its rear end aren't fatal. It's best if you contact a vet and get it treated so its not going to spread to other cats.

Where do cats leave their feces?

anywhere it can hide it.

What do you do after the cat gets out of the house?

you catch them quick because if they are outside to long they could get tape worms they are white worms that eat your cats digestive system i didnt mean to be rude.

Is it true that domestic cats have parasites in their feces that make their owners love cats?


What time of year do cats get worms?

cats do not get worms if they are properly fed and healthy, if they do contract some sort of disease that causes worms they need to be taken to a vet immediately.