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The Question is not specific enough. Every War and every Country probably has a story about a lost battalion or lost brigade. This answer relates to the US Army. Battle at the Argonne Forest in October 1918. Units of the 77th Division, roughly 550 men, isolated by German forces. The Vosges mountains of France, 24 October 1944 1st Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division, was surrounded by German forces. They were rescued by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (Japanese-Americans) in a five-day battle. Island of Java - March 8, 1942 The 2nd Battalion of the 131st Field Artillery Battalion, then part of the 36th Infantry Division(Texas National Guard) was mobilised and sent to the Island of Java in the Dutch Netherland East Indies. As the Japanese troops began to capture the island, many of the troops were pulled out, but some of the 131st Field Artillery battalion stayed until the island was surrendered on March 8, 1942. The prisoners were taken to Japan and were forced to built the Burma railroad in Thailand. Of the 558 men and officers who landed on Java on January 11, 1942, 534 became prisoners of war of the Japanese Lost Battalion Association website: Battle of the Bulge Jan 3, 1945 On Jan. 3, 1945, the 551st Parachute Infantry Regiment, attached to the 82nd Parachute Division, spearheaded a counterattack in the northern section of the German "bulge," and were met by a surprise German offensive through the Ardennes. When the battle was over, more than four-fifths of the 643 men in the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion were wounded or dead. The Lost Battalion, they would later be called, received a Presidential Unit Citation. Link to a site with the P.U.C. for 551st PIR.

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Q: What battle did the lost battalion fight?
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When was The Lost Battalion created?

The Lost Battalion was created in 1919.

Was the 59Th Signal Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge?

My father was in the 59th Signal Battalion in WWII. They were definitely involved in the Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes campaign). Some members of the battalion were actually stranded in Bastogne for a while. This was a very nasty fight.

What cause the worst and most gruesome casualties suffered by the lost battalion in the whole battle?

First tell us which battle you are talking about and on which side the 'lost batallion' was fighting.

What caused the worst and most gruesome casualties suffered by the lost battalion in the whole battle?

First tell us which battle you are talking about and on which side the 'lost batallion' was fighting.

What was the lost battalion about?

An American infantry battalion advanced so far ahead of the other units that it was cut off and surrounded by enemy. They had to hold their positions until they were able to fight out of the encirclement.WW2There was similar incident that occurred in WW2 that is also called the Lost Battalion. This occurred in Southern France with a battalion of the US 36th Infantry Division was cut-off and surrounded.

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