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If it is on;y when the brakes are applied, take the wheels off and check for something loose. Otherwise take it to a shop as it is impossible to diagnoise a noise without hearing it. I just brought my 2003 Silverado in for what sounds like a similar condition. The Tech who did the road test said it was a problem with the steering column transition joint. Don't know what that is, but apparently it's a known problem with '99-'03 Silverados. The part is in such demmand in my part of the county that it will take 6-8 weeks for delivery. GM says it's an annoyance, not a safety concern. The Tech said he could lube the part which will decrease the noise (but will not fix the problem. Funny thing is, While waiting for a courtesy shuttle ride home, I met a guy who had his truck in for the same problem. The noise could be caused by play in the intermediate steering shaft, a bulletin was issued, but not a recall. It was deemed an annoyance, not a safety hazard. Work was covered on two of my fleet vehicles under warranty. I just had this problem resolved, however I was out of warranty. It was the intermediate steering shaft. Part and 1/2 hour labor at a Chevy dealership w/tax in upstate N.Y. was $130. and change. I have the same problem and was thinking U-joints, but the mechanic told me the some lube in the joint to decrease the thumping and it worked. 10 bucks worth of lube/labor. Much better than $130 for something that is merely an annoyance!!

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Q: What can cause a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado make a thumping that can be heard and felt in the brake and accelerator pedals and how can it be fixed?
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