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This is when you test the shop's trust and credibility that you took your car to.

Take it back and explain the problem as to how the symptoms changed. I would expect that they should try to immediately or asap get you car in and look over their work. Don't address them in a negative or hostile way, they should want to resolve this without stress on your or their parts.

Keep this in mind, these particular cars are more apt to squeak than many, but with enough attention the shop should be able to fix it.

There is a TSB on these brakes, it is #98-5A-19. this may help the shop if they have no answers.

AnswerThe squeeling is most likely a belt slipping. You can probably find a belt dressing at an auto parts store to spray on it. If the squeeling stops after spraying, replace or tighten the belt. Another cause may be that your neighbors cat is caught somewhere near the fan and the squeeling is actually the cat screaming as you are shaving his skin off, layer by layer. AnswerI agrre with the last guy, except about the cat. If it was the cat, it would also happen at idle.

Knowing what kind of car and engine size may help. However if you turn the wheel all the way at idle, do you hear this noise? You may or may not be able to tighten the belt. It may be controlled by a tensioner.

Do yourself a favor, find an independent repair shop you can trust. It always costs an arm and a leg (or seems to).

AnswerMercury Grand Marquis vacuum switch whistle $250 replace subject 2002

AnswerCould possibly be the early warning brake sensors squealing. Goes away when you apply the brakes
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Q: What can cause a persistent squealing when driving?
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What is the cause of your car squealing when you start driving the car and then it finally stops after driving a little bit?

Glazed or loose fan belt?

What would cause a squealing sound when the car is idle and driving?

you need to replace your belts. Take it to AutoZone to have them look at it

What might cause a car to make a squealing sound when starting?

It could be the presence of water on pulleys causing the belts to slip. If it is persistent then this is a sign of worn-out or misaligned belts.

Will it hurt to drive the car with the squealing after an oil change?

Yes, I would say so. -Investigate and cure the squealing before driving far.

A squealing belt on a 2001 GMC sonoma?

A worn belt will cause a squealing noise. The squealing noise is caused when the belt slips. Tightening the belt will temporarily fix the problem.

What might cause a squealing engine noise on a 1997 Buick Lesabre?

Check the belts. The most common cause of squealing is a worn or loose belt on the front of the engine.

What would cause squealing from the left back wheel when driving?

First thought is low air pressure in the tire. Second is an alignment problem or a brake that is locking up.

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What could cause squealing and tapping in a motor?

lack of oil

What would cause a loud squealing noise after changing oil?

When refilling the oil some may have dripped onto the belt which would cause it to start slipping badly and squealing loudly.

What would cause squealing in Honda Accord?

A loose or glazed "fan belt" is a very common cause of squealing. A quieter squeal is produced by brake linings that are almost worn through.

What causes squealing on your 1995 Ford Probe?

Turning the steering wheel farthest left or right for a few seconds will cause a loud squealing.

What cause a squealing noice when the air in running in an Avalon?

AC Compressor

Could antifreeze on my belts cause a squealing noise?

Yes.Equally likely is if the belt is much more than 3-4 years, the material is glazing over or hardening, which is another common cause of squealing.

What causes a squealing sound when you turn the wheels completely to the right or left?

The cause of the squealing sound is because you are turning the steering wheel completely to the right or left

What causes a squealing noise when accelerating?

The most common cause is slipping belt

What is the cause of a squealing noise when first starting your car?

Loose or worn belt(s).

What would cause a squealing noise when the ac is turned on?

check a/c compressor and belt.

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What would cause squealing when turn steering wheel to the right?

Power steering belt slipping?

Ford fiesta 95 squeaking squealing noise while driving from engine?

check tension on fan belt(s)

What could cause constant loud squealing from the front driver's side wheel of a 1994 Acura Integra 1.8L while driving and braking when the brake pads are less than 4 months old?

it is possibly your calipers and or rotors.

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What makes a car make a squealing sound when you are driving or turning?

If your car makes a squealing sound when you are turning it is because your brakes have worn out. When the brakes wear down below a certain point, a wire pops loose. That makes a squeaking sound.