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First remove the turn signal assembly and remove the bulb.Check the two terminals in the socket for wear and corrosion.If it is not working it is due to worn terminals on the socket assembly.To correct this you can buy a socket repair kit which will consist of the plastic seat,the two terminal connection and the wiring going to it along with a new spring.I suggest buying this at any auto zone or advance auto or napa and replace this and suggest using heat shrink on your electrical hook up after using a butt connector to prevent moisture from getting into the connection.This will fix the issue.What happens is the bulb makes poor contact inside the metal holder and does not touch the small electrical contact points and it is just a wear and age issue.The cost is under 5 dollars for the repair kit and the heat shrink tubing is extra and a lighter to heat it and shrink will work,just cut the heat shrink hose long enough to cover the entire connection.Easy fix and nothing out of the norm for these trucks.Mine did the same thing no signal due to poor contact,versus buying a whole new assembly lens,with fixture.You cannot replace the socket since it is a molded assembly just the internal parts the seat,with wiring and terminals.

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Q: What can cause the front turn signals not to work when the rear turn signals and the parking light workfront and rear on a 1991 b2600i?
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