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What can cause the headlights of a 1996 Chrysler LHS to stop working?


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2008-09-25 02:05:21
2008-09-25 02:05:21

I have a 1995 LHS that I purchased new in which I now have 188,000 miles and in both instances of the head lights failing was due to an open circuit in the multi function switch that is located on and in the steering column. The parking lights still worked however, the low beam headlamps & euro lamps wouldn't. The high beam would only work if I pulled the multi function switch toward me & held it in place. I do most of my own maintanence however, since the steering wheel has to be pulled & column taken apart I went back to Chrysler. $350 with tax.

Check the fuses first. The high beams and low beams are controlled by different fuses.


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