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It might be a bad thermostat, or something worse, such as a blown head gasket/cracked head. Either of those scenarios will cause the cooling system to pressurized beyond it's specified capacity, and the pressure will force the coolant out of the reservoir.

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Q: What can cause the radiator water to leak from the top of the reservoir tank?
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What would cause the radiator fluid to run out the reservoir tank?

It depends on what you mean by "run out" but there is probably a leak in the tank.

What would cause the sound of running water when accelerating in a peugeot 106?

Sounds like your water level is running low. Check the level in the radiator reservoir You may also have a leak.

What would cause a water leak in your 98 Le Sabre?

Where is it leaking from? Could leak from the radiator, hoses, or water pump.

What would cause the water in overflow reservoir not to return to radiator when engine is cold 1985 Honda accord lx runs hot how do I replace thermostat?

possibly a leak in cooling system

What would be the cause of water draining in the radiator without a leak?

blown head gasket

Can a stuck thermostat cause water leaks in radiator?

No. The only times the radiator would leak is if it was damaged, defective, or corroded.

You always fill up the water reservoir of the radiator of vehicle because it is always getting emptied when you run the vehicle. any causes or what shall you check?

Could be a hose leak, a radiator leak or a head gakket leak. The water in the reservoir will get "sucked" into the cooling system if the level get low. Look for water on the ground or signs of spray under the hood. If it's a head gasket, look for water dripping from the exhaust pipe on start-up and/or steam. That would indicate that water is getting into the combustion chamber.

Ram 1500 radiator leak?

Find leak, repair/replace cause.

Why could your 94 BMW be using so much coolant?

It probably has a leak. Here's something to check - the radiator has a tube coming out to the reservoir, so when it gets hot and expands the coolant goes into the reservoir and should go back into the radiator when it cools, but if your reservoir has a crack and the coolant leaks out, well it's gone and can't go back into the radiator - this would cause a lot of loss of coolant.

How would a radiator cap cause a leak?

A radiator cap would not cause a leak! However, if the radiator cap is holding pressure, other weak parts could signal issues in need of attention.

Why doesn't the radiator of a car pull the water back from the reservoir even if the radiator cap is new?

It sounds like there's a leak somewhere. If it's not in the cap, it could be in the hose, or the connection, or the radiator itself. If you can't figure this out on your own, take it to a mechanic.

What cause water loss in a 2003 Chrysler sebring?

You have a leak in the cooling system. Could be water pump, hoses, radiator, headgasket, etc.

What would cause a radiator water leak from under the hood if not hoses leaking?

maybe your radiator is broken and you need to get a new one or just get a reparation if the radiator starts leaking when is in use it may be leaking because of the pressure of the water.

What causes antifreeze to overflow into radiator reservoir on a 1990 Honda Civic LX?

If you have excessive bubbles coming from your radiator (remove the radiator cap only when the engine is cold) with the engine running, Then you have a blown head gasket. You may need to increase the idle speed a bit to see the exhaust gasses coming out. Fill the radiator to over full with water. An other cause is: the engine must be able to pull a vacuum on the reservoir hose to return the water to the engine as it cools. I have found that the plastic reservoir cap may have a hole or crack under the cap. Take the cap off with the hoses attached, clean it, then blow on the hose covering the other hose end to see if it leaks. It must not leak. If it does then water can fill the reservoir but not return to the engine.

What causes water leak into passenger side on ford fiesta 2003?

A water leak from the radiator in to the passenger compartment is usually a sign of a leak in the heater core. If the water is not from the radiator then there may be a leak in a window or door seal, or a hole in the undercarriage that is allowing water from the road to soak the carpet..

Does there always have to be fluid in the radiator resivior?

Yes, under normal operation. If you are adding coolant to the reservoir often, you have a leak somewhere. Have a trusted mechanic pressure test the cooling system to determine the cause.

What will happen when radiator has a crack?

If it is a water-filled or oil-filled radiator, it will leak fluid.

What if you put radiator stop leak in the coolant reservoir?

You should try to avoid using a stop-leak product. All you'll do is gunk up your cooling system reducing cooling capacity and you'll never get that stuff out. If you have a radiator leak, remove it (usually just a matter of an electrical connector for fan(s) a couple of hose clamps and a couple of bolts holding the radiator in a bracket) and take it to a radiator repair shop. A little solder in the right place and you have a like-new radiator with full cooling capacity. If you've already added stop leak to the reservoir, remove the reservoir and rinse the stuff out. Coolant is drawn out of the reservoir when the engine is cooling down. Best case the hose from the reservoir to the radiator will get plugged. Worst case you could get a lump of sealant that might sit for hours congealing (remember the coolant isn't circulating) before the engine is started again. Cheers

How do you know if it is a radiator leak?

For radiator leaks look for the following signs: The car will overheat Coolant level will frequently drop Pool of coolant or water under the car radiator Obvious leak noted from radiator on starting the car Faulty radiator cap causing the leak

What would cause a anti-freeze leak on a 1997 grand am gt?

radiator leak. try adding " leak stop"

Why would the coolant go out of your radiator if it has no leaks?

It may appear to be coming from the radiator. A leak is a leak, and it can cause serious prolems inside your engine. It could be a house, a gasket, the water pump, or you may have missed a radiator leak. Over heating can cause this too, and that presents other problems. Lastly, your radiator cap may be failing. That's a cheap first step. Don't let this go for long, keep fluid in your system at all times.

Does a bad thermostat cause coolant to leak out?

It can if it is stuck closed the engine overheats causing hot air ( steam ) to flow backwards to radiator cap which releases and blows steam pressure into recovery reservoir which starts blowing out the coolant in the reservoir making a puddle on ground.

What cause water droplets on your windshield?

You might have a slight leak in your radiator or AC condenser. Or maybe its just water residual from your last rainstorm or car wash.

Why would antifreeze leak from the radiator cap?

If you have a "Leak" from the cap either the cap needs to be replaced or the top of the Radiator is damaged. It is normal for thermal expansion (water gets bigger when hot) to cause the coolant to go into the expansion tank when cars is hot and to be drawn back into the radiator as the engine cools

Would a blown head gasket cause your radiator to leak?

no it shouldn't but you will be losing water, and more than likely will be getting into the engine oil.