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What can cause your engine oil smell slightly like gas?



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Gasoline in the oil. This is a very serious condition that can cause irreparable damage to the engine. The life blood of the engine is being diluted with gas. This can be cause by a leaking injector, bad fuel pressure regulator, or on and engine with a carburetor, float level to high, needle valve & seat that are bad. Have this fixed ASAP!


If your engine has been flooded or oil has been in your motor for a long time during winter months when the fuel system runs rich this could be why. Change your oil and keep an eye on it.


This can be normal for cold weather starts. This is one reason that the oil should be changed once before winter and once after winter. It has to do with the engine temp. When the engine isn't warmed to operating temp then the fuel\air will not fully vaporize on the combustion stroke. The residual gas will be sucked into the oil passages.

Also if it is bad then your fuel pump could be over pressurizing the system, but usually the fuel pressure regulator controls this.