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What can you contribute in this company?


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am asking if I'm an applicant and may be asked question about this.. (what can i contribute to the company or to the command) .. what will be my specific answer..


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There are many things that a person can contribute to a company. They can contribute wonderful ideas and a great personality.

. What do you think you can contribute to the progress of ourCompany as an employee?

Answer Whatever assets that you carry with you, you can contribute to the company and that should get you noticed by your peers.

There are a number of things a person could contribute to a company. They may contribute a friendly attitude and efficient work ethic for example.

i can contribute my knowledge and skills.

Just say what you think you can do to help the company.

You can contribute love, peace and Percy Jackson ;[)

my nkowledge and experience

Display-can you think what is displayed by your company and where

Someone can contribute to the success of a company by ensuring that the company gets a good public image. Participating in community and social responsibility helps to publicize the organization.

I can contribute towards the company by doing the best i can by working hard the think that would be enough, just me begin there on time.

Doing your job is the best way you can contribute to your company. The more effective you are at doing your job, the more your company will prosper.

It seems like a good company and have a lot to contribute

i can contribute my knowledge and skills in handlng all customer inquieries

if you hire me i will give my 100 percent service to your company and i will be an asset to your company

A person can contribute many qualities to a company, including organization. People may also add creativity to the business that can help boost sales.

If asked how do you contribute to a company state something positive. Telling about how you saved money or changed the work to make it more efficient are always good.

I think everybody can contribute in the companies. Why not? People should find out the way to improve their work.

A person could contribute many things to business. They could contribute a positive attitude and could help the company grow by contributing to sales team.

A potential employer may ask what you can contribute to the company. You can provide a list of your soft skills such as dedication and punctuality. Also state your education and relevant work experience.

I can contribute a good service with this company by being a good employee.

i will try to work hard, give an idea, promotion for the company, give a company with my experience and other strategy ...!

my service and hard working loyalty,honesty

You need to answer by putting down something that you can achieve when you are at the company. The company wants to know what kinds of things you are good at.

the goals of colgate-palmolive company is to contribute the goodness of the product.

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