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talk with your doctor because there are different reasons for why some people just cant lose weight. some random person online cant help you answer your question fully because they dont know your lifestyle and body. your doctor can check and see whether you "think" you cant lose 40 lbs or whether a good routin will help change that. Assuming your medical tests come back normal, many people who can't lose weight on a low-fat diet lose weight on a low-carb plan, like Atkins, South Beach or a carb-controlled plan like the Zone.

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Q: What can you do if you cannot lose weight and you are 40 pounds overweight?
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Is 111 pounds overweight for someone 63 inches how can you lose 8 pounds?

You are at a very normal weight. There would be no need to lose weight.

Can I rely on weight calculators or do I need medical advice to lose weight?

The need to see a doctor in order to lose weight will depend greatly on how much overweight you are. If you are just 20 pounds overweight and want to lose the 20 pounds using a weight calculator and exercise should suffice.

Is 280 pound overweight?

Yes, 280 pounds is considered to be overweight. To lose weight, a person needs to exercise and go on a diet.

How can you lose 7 pounds each day?

You cannot lose 7 pounds of body weight each day.

How can you lose 20 pounds in one day?

You cannot lose 20 pounds of body weight in one day.

How can you lose 40 pounds in one day?

You cannot lose 40 pounds of body weight in one day.

How lose 10 pounds in 5 minutes?

You cannot lose 10 pounds of body weight in five minutes.

How can you lose 60 pounds in one week?

You cannot lose 60 pounds of you body weight in one week.

How can a 9-year-old girl lose 5 pounds in a week?

This is how I lost weight, I'm ten.Oh weight unless you're like really overweight you shouldn't need to lose pounds :P

I am 108 pounds and 5'1 am I fat and should I lose weight?

No. Don't worry about being overweight because your not. You are at a healthy weight for your height.

Is 147 pounds overweight for a 5' 2 14 year old?

Yes, i would say that is overweight for 5'2. I myself, am a 13 Year old, 5'5 and 148 Pounds, i am a bit overweight and i am depressed of my weight, i am a male, i wish i could lose more weight and be normal..

Can you lose 50 pounds in one week?

No, you cannot lose 50 pounds of body weight in one week. It is not possible.

How do you lose ten pounds in one day?

You cannot lose ten pounds in weight in one day by any natural means. == ==

Is it possible to lose 70 pounds in a month?

You cannot lose 70 pounds of body weight in one month by natural means.

How much weight will you lose from fasting if you are 5 feet 5 inches and 120 pounds if fasting for twelve days?

Actually, you won't lose much weight because a five foot, five person who weighs 120 pounds is basically already at it's ideal weight, henceforth, it would be hard for a lean person to lose a lot of weight through fasting. Actually, the more overweight you are, the more weight you lose through fasting and overweight people lose lots of weight through fasting faster as well. :) Hope this helps!!

How do you lose 30 pounds in one day?

Other than by surgical intervention, you cannot lose 30 pounds in one day. You cannot lose 30 pounds in one day by any natural means.Other than surgery, you cannot lose 30 pounds of body weight in one day.

How do you lose 51 pounds in 2 weeks?

You cannot by any natural means lose 51 pounds in two weeks. It takes time to lose weight.

Can you be 8 weeks pregnant and lose weight?

Yes especially if you were overweight to begin with. If you are overweight most Dr's recommend you gain only 10-15 pounds with pregnancy

How can you lose 12 pounds in one day?

You cannot lose 12 pounds of body weight in one day by any natural means.

How much can you loss on Weight Watchers in a week?

On average, you can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds a week on Weight Watchers, but it can vary. Extremely overweight people can expect to lose more than that.

Why is an overweight heart attack patient advised to lose weight?

An overweight heart attack patient should lose weight to reduce the strain on their heart. The heart works harder when someone is overweight.

If you are overweight when you are young will you lose that weight?

Not automatically, but if you change your eating/exercise habit you can lose weight.

Is 147 pounds overweight for a 5'0 13-year-old?

Yes the right weight for a boy (@any height have to weight 50 pounds and it's a very healthy) if u can lose tht much weight if u can =/

How much weight can you lose on a 7 day water fast?

You can lose anywhere between 15-20 pounds. It all depends on your starting weight. If you are overweight you tend to lose more weight and faster, but if you're within your weight range then your weight tends to come off more slowly.

Basic program for 10 pound weight loss?

Lose 10 pounds is a program which encourages people who are overweight to lose at lease 10 pounds in a certain amount of time.This program is also designed for people who want to lose more and that they could lose up to 10-40 pounds.