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You could sue the lender either in regular court or small claims court. You can represent yourself in either court. You can also hire an attorney and add his fees into the amount you are suing for. Take pictures of the damage and get several estimates to repair the damage from auto body shops. Send a certified letter to the lender with copies of the estimates and your intent to sue them if they do not make restitution. Do not waste time suing the repo-man who damaged your car. He is an agent for the lender. Of course, only a court can decide whether you would win your lawsuit. The written condition report from the repossessor will be considered evidence. The court may or may not consider it good evidence (many good repossessor videotape their repos for this very reason). However, it will help if you have evidence to the contrary, such as a reliable witness who will swear that the dent was not there immediately before the repo man hooked it up.

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Q: What can you do if your car was dented during repossession but the repo men deny damaging it and noted on the condition report that it was towed with it?
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