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As long as you love him, it shouldn't matter what other people thing, all you can do is encourage him to do so, but don't nag or say you embaress him, he may not thing he is good enough then, this may cause problems for you, you should be looking more at the positive things in your husband not the negative, many people wish their husbands had this problem rather then maybe a promiscuous problem, drinking problem, drug problem. All because he lacks college education doesn't mean much but a piece of paper, it doesn't mean he is smart and has knowledge in other aspects. AnswerYou knew this about him going into the marriage so what's changed? It's you! Get your nose off the ceiling and if he loves you and is hard working, a good husband and father you should be out dancing in the streets. If you would quit worrying about your own embarrassment and what other people think of him you'd realize that in a gathering your husband is probably well liked for who he is and not just his lack of further education. Just because you go to college doesn't make you any smarter than a person with a Grade 10 - 12 education and, in fact, I've dated male college students in the past and many turned out to be dumb as a bag of nails. Look and listen to your husband and others and YOU may learn a thing or two. All the degrees in the world don't bring you happiness. You want more money then you go out and get the degrees!

AnswerI think this will bother you the rest of your life. If possible you should encourage his continuing higher education that puts him in an environment(classroom and campus) of educated men and women. Several of the best courses he could take would be Creative Writing, English Literature, and both World and American History. He's not dumb, he just hasn't had the exposure to college level education. He doesn't necessarliy need a degree, but he could benfit from taking these courses.
2011-09-13 22:12:16
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