What car starts with the letter E?

Edsel (Back in the day, it was made by Ford and included in their lineup with Ford, Mercury and Edsel.) American cars: Electra (Buick). Escalade, Eldorado (Cadillac). El Camino (Chevrolet). Econoline (Ford's early van that is now their "E" series van), Escape, Escort, Excursion, Expedition, Explorer (Ford). Envoy (GMC). Eagle (Jeep). Eighty-eight (Oldsmobile). Asian imports: Element (Honda). Elantra, Excel (Hyundai). Eclipse, Endeavor, Evolution (Mitsubishi). Esteem (Suzuki). Echo (Toyota). The list may not be compete. And things like the Mercedes Benz E-Series cars were left out because the "e" is only a designator.