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Lots of 2003-2005 cars have them. I own a 2004 Honda Accord EX V6. It has 6 airbags, Dash, side, and curtain. You will just need to do some research on the specifications of prospective cars. or are two sources. Of course the manufactures web site is also a good place to look. There is more to it than just side airbags. Also look at side impact scores of vehicles tested and how they faired.

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Do airbags protect you in a car crash?

yes airbags protect you in a car crash

What safety features should you look for in used trucks for sale?

When buying a truck one the of the best features to look for in a truck is side curtain airbags that protect your head from going outside the side of the window in a rollover accident.

Why do airbags protect you in a crash?

They absorb energy to reduce injuries.

What is the purpose of having airbags in your car?

To reduce injuries resulting from an accident.

What impact do airbags have on society?

Air bags have had a major impact in the safety of automobiles. Upon contact with another car or street obstacle, the airbags inflate and protect the passengers from serious physical damage. Society has been made safer due to airbags.

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Yes they are! thay are so much safer than scooters or motorbikes! because there is a roof to protect you and airbags

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