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What cars are inexpensive to insure for a 21-year-old male in California?

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September 13, 2011 10:17PM

"Cheap_Insurance" id="Cheap_Insurance">Cheap Insurance

Try to stay away from high end sports cars and performance cars.

Honda civics, the Acura line especially the RSX, all mazdas,

Mitsubishi lancer EVO, eclipse, SUVs, are real expensive to insure.

Usually low end (around 120-150 hp) front wheel drive cars are

cheap to insure. Toyota corollas, Chevy cavaliers, Mitsubishi

lancer, ford fusion, are some examples. SHOP AROUND. Take that

thick phonebook you have in your cupboard and tell them the car you

want, give your license number, and they should tell you the

approximate price. Right now I pay 212 a month for my 2007 Toyota

Corolla S, and before that I paid 187 a month for my 2004

Mitsubishi lancer, with a couple accidents on both policies just to

give you an idea.

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