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What cars are inexpensive to insure for a 21-year-old male in California?

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Cheap InsuranceTry to stay away from high end sports cars and performance cars. Honda civics, the Acura line especially the RSX, all mazdas, Mitsubishi lancer EVO, eclipse, SUVs, are real expensive to insure. Usually low end (around 120-150 hp) front wheel drive cars are cheap to insure. Toyota corollas, Chevy cavaliers, Mitsubishi lancer, Ford Fusion, are some examples. SHOP AROUND. Take that thick phonebook you have in your cupboard and tell them the car you want, give your license number, and they should tell you the approximate price. Right now I pay 212 a month for my 2007 Toyota Corolla S, and before that I paid 187 a month for my 2004 Mitsubishi lancer, with a couple accidents on both policies just to give you an idea.
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Does farmers insure salvage title cars in California?


Can you insure 2 cars?

Yes, you can insure 2 cars but it depends on your insurance company contract. Hope it helps:)

Are used cars more expensive to insure?

No. Generally speaking, used cars are actually less expensive to insure than new cars. This varies greatly depending on model however.

Can one person insure two cars?

One person can insure as many vehicles as he/she can afford.

How inexpensive are Peugeot cars?

Peugeot cars are very inexpensive. The price depends on the make, model and year of the car. Some are as expensive as 5,000 pounds and others are as inexpensive as 999 pounds.

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

What does 21st Century Insurance insure?

21st Century Insurance insure a wide variety of different cars. These include new cars, cars that have been used, as well as classic or vintage cars. They can also provide fully comprehensive cover.

Are Volvo cars expensive to insure?

extreemly expensive

Are used hybrid cars inexpensive?

Used hybrid cars may be inexpensive but they are still so new to the market that inexpensive may be much more expensive when compared to a used traditional car. There are websites that can help you look for used cars and see what is the going rate.

Does Geico insure cars?

Yes. Geico insures cars as well as other types of vehicles.

Are imported cars expensive to insure?

Imported cars are generally more expensive to insure. This is due to having to pay for the extra cost of shipping over parts in case an accident occurs.

How many cars can one driver insure in New York?

As long as you pay the insurance premiums, there is no limit to the number of cars one driver can insure. The insurance companies will be happy to do business with you.

What is an average rate to insure a classic car?

The cost to insure classic cars varies greatly for different cars. Classic car insurance rates usually are around $1000 a year.

What states can you get full coverage insurance on cars with salvage titles and what companies will insure these cars?

Ohio Michigan

Where can I find inexpensive toy cars?

There are many available options when looking for inexpensive toy cars. Try visiting your local toy store or go to and see what kind of toy cars are available at a cheap price on there.

What cars are the most expensive to insure?

Im not sure which is the most expensive, but rare, limited, classic cars can be expensive, lets take the McLaren F1 car for example, this is a rare, expensive, limited car wihch cost more to insure than buying the car itself. Mainly it is expensive to insure powerfull, sporty cars.

Does it cost much more to insure 2 cars?

yes of course.

Why are Volvo cars expensive to insure?

Because they are expensive to repair if they have an accident.

Can you insure 2 cars with 1 company and 2 different cars with a different company?

Yes. No problem at all

Where can you buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars?

RC Nitro has the one speed nitro rc buggy for $119. See the related links below for two other sites you can buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars.

Who buys Honda Civic?

A lot of people. They are inexpensive, reliable cars.

Which brands of cars are made in California?

Some brands of cars which are made in California include the cars made by General Motors. Toyota also has a car manufacturing plant in California as does Chrysler.

How many cars can you insure with progressive insurance?

All of them, unless I miss the meaning of the question

How much do classic cars cost to insure in California?

The cost of insurance for a show car is actually based on the total value of that particular car. You always have the option to purchase additional insurance with any insurance company.

How many registered cars are there in California?

15 million of cars